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New Delhi| 7-9 March 2018

Convergence India Expo 2018

Convergence India 2018 took place from 7-9th March and it has been credited as the largest ICT expo in South East Asia. The 2018 event saw a particular focus on IoT, new trends in telecommunication sector and multimedia platform (R&D). ASK-EHS participated at the event which delivered talks by several imminent speakers on Digital India, digital cable networks and content distribution, big data and 5G technologies. ASK-EHS identified IoT and mobile technologies as the key areas of growth for supporting EHS technologies.

Mumbai | 10 August 2017

Godrej-CII Safety Conference

Esteemed industry body CII and Godrej held a safety conference which focused on Industrial and Workplace safety. ASK-EHS was invited to attend this event with other industry leaders and partners as a panel member and speaker on the subject of the two themes.

LDA, Lonavala | 22 December 2017

L&T extends invitation on innovation led safety

Larsen and Toubro group extended their invitation to ASK-EHS for a conference and formal engagement session on innovation led safety. Director level business heads of the different business units within L&T attended this event which sought to update and reinvigorate safety approaches. A key focus area which ASK-EHS spoke about was the need to establish a uniform platform for incident reporting.

Pahang, Malaysia| 14-15 Mar 2018

R.P Chemical Malaysia invites ASK-EHS

Premium manufacturers in Chemical industry, R.P Chemicals, Malaysia recently invited ASK-EHS to study their EHS processes and framework. ASK-EHS undertook a 3 day feasibility study of their operations to identify challenges, understand their pain points and suggest practical solutions that can alleviate and rejuvenate their EHS program.