E-learnings for EHS

E-learnings for health and safety

E-learnings in EHS push towards shorter, more frequent learning activities that are demanded by employees and line management to assist development and improve worker effectiveness. Micro-learning is a reconsideration of conventional way of learning, and it helps EHS professionals juggle a number of responsibilities.

World day for cultural diversity

Diversity, inclusion and industrial society

Our cultural beliefs and collective beliefs as a nation and society affect the ‘how and why’ of industrial development. To account development and progress in terms of providing more and more people from a diverse socio-cultural (and talent) background means that the talent pool gets enhanced.

packages for the environment

Recycling packages for the environment

The notion of ‘recycling’ has taken rebirth several times. Several approaches in traditional supermarkets and personal care retailers perceived interests but very rare could surpass a tiny niche. The cause lies in the behavior of the consumers; as much as they may seek to avoid waste practices, they hardly prefer inconveniences.

Mechanical Completion

Mechanical Completion

During the project execution and implementation phase, Mechanical completion is defined as the state where all systems including utility and auxiliary facilities have reached the condition “Ready to Use “and are certified by the Construction Chief”.

Enable skill and unleash diversity

In India, a survey conducted by the National Sample Survey organization NSSO) revealed that the lack of skilled manpower was very strongly linked to the fact that only 2 percent of India’s youth and only about 7 percent of the whole working-age population had received vocational training.