Pre-job briefing

Pre-job briefing 101

Due to the interdependent nature of HSE, O&M and management – overlap of roles, responsibilities and execution presents itself as a shape-shifting challenge. Pre-job brief is a sure shot and tested way towards preventive asset management. Pre-job brief or briefing is a sure shot and tested way towards preventive asset management.

considerations during rains

Industrial considerations during rains

In industries, safety officials should conduct pre-, during and post inspections of the working site, strengthen the security checks to ensure safe production. These include inspecting the main body of the building, scaffolding, electricity systems, tower cranes, small machineries and temporary facilities, safety signs etc.

Automotive Industry

Occupational Health and Safety – Automotive Industry

In an automotive industry, the factory floors are busy and bustling places of manufacturing robots and equipment. They contain moving machineries and thousands of workers, and both work in collaboration. It’s a challenge to maintain this complex supply chain and so, health and safety of employees tops the agenda.

inspections for emergency exits

Why inspections for emergency exits are critical?

Inspection of emergency exits helps to identify common escape-route problems, observes how it looks on a day-to-day basis and provides insights to overcome obstructions in the evacuation route. These issues can then be escalated to the concerned authorities and the management can resort to preventive measures, accordingly.

literacy for EHS

What is visual literacy for EHS

Individuals can decrease or eliminate the job hazards if they are careful in self-monitoring their own tasks. They can ‘train’ their minds to better observe their situations and overcome visual biases. Visual literacy enables proactively identifying the latent hazards in our environment, interpreting the associated risks, and controlling them.