Confined space management

Confined space management

Confined space presents itself as a dual challenge to the workplace. It not only combines a mother of checklists unlike any other task assigned, there is also the case for impeccable coordination between the designated team members. Safe working in confined space is like a ticking metronome,

Demolition works

Safety in Demolition works

Dismantling, breaking, or destroying of any fixed building or any structure or any of its parts comes under demolition. Naturally every building structure must be of limited validity. Building validity depends upon the ground properties, material properties, structural design, erection quality, and others etc.

Lone Workers Risks

Managing Lone Workers Risks

Lone workers occupy some of the most challenging and dangerous jobs. The constant fear of physical harm takes a toll on lone workers, and their lack of safety confidence can lead to a reduced level of performance, a lower level of engagement with the organization. Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision

Mechanical load lifting

Challenges for Mechanical load lifting

Load lifting, which is an act to oppose gravitational pull towards the centre of the earth, attempted manually or by deploying mechanized means with or without prime mover, remains a very hazardous activity. It claims a large share of accidents at workplace. Correct lifting can move large objects efficiently whereas incorrect lifting can lead to disastrous accidents.

Fire safety at public places

Fire safety measures at public spaces

This safety intelligence can arise from dialogue between the informed citizenry, civic authorities and developers who are shaping the urban landscape. However, the first step to preventing fires in public spaces remains vigilance and awareness. Only they can get the ball to start rolling and prevent further tragedies.