Future of work

Future of work

While all of us enjoy talking about Utopian workplace dreams – most of us never embark on this flight of fancy – lack of organizational support, absent camaraderie or simply the combined organizational “shipping freight like weight” which no one wishes to steer.

Diwali Celebrations 2019

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali and subsequently the ushering of a new year forms the stepping- stone – to reflect, recall and rejoice the engagements, new relationships and wonderful people with whom we lead our meaning lives. ASK-EHS group celebrate this joyous occasion with the same exuberance and enthusiasm as we commit in our Safety partnership.

OSH India Mumbai

OSH India Mumbai – Day II

At this exhibition we showed that to grow and adopt EHS as a career, newer and out-of-the-box questions need to be raised and thought about. Overall, a key part of ASK-EHS knowledge dissemination was where our team members realized not only the task at hand, but the joy of sharing our experience with budding minds.