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5 reasons for digitizing your Permit to Work (PTW) system

The PTW process is designed and managed in a way such that any activity or task can be safely executed. With changing time and tides, digital technology is considered as one of the best platforms for automating routine processes (like PTW systems). A digital PTW system can, therefore, prove to be a very effective option for many industries where permits are raised regularly. A digital platform provides many benefits to corporations – both in operations and in providing valuable information.

Digital enablement and its impact on work efficiency

Digitization is inevitable and it is imperative for every business be it food, manufacturing, oil & gas , automobile healthcare or education. We have changed the way we work and hence, is now even more essential that we think differently on how we used to work, what are the offerings and advancement in technology that can support this enablement.

Safety Equipment Inspection – Keep your workplace safe

Keeping work environment safe and reliable is an important aspect, which should not be neglected.

To eliminate workplace hazards, it is important to keep premises, machines, equipment etc. safe. Equipment plays an equal role when it comes to safety. Many big accidents have been reported in the past owing to failure of safety equipment, that is although there were “safety equipment but did not work when they were really needed”.

Lockout/Tagout – A reliable safety measure

While undertaking any task, safety should be given the prime importance.

Talking particularly about EHS, a Permit to Work System works as a safeguard ensuring formal authorization and validation while carrying out any hazardous work. PTW certifies that all the components for a safe work system are recognized before a high risk work commences, thus minimizing and controlling the risk to individuals and the installation.

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