digital twins

Vision for EHS digital twins?

Digital twins for EHS systems are already in place, however, their inter-dependent and co-dependent lifecycle pivot masks their appearance. Several IoT devices chained as reporting beacons for emission performance to wear & tear monitoring are a simple example.

contractor productivity

Improving contractor productivity

Digital platforms are now helping organizations to reaffirm their EHS commitment while working with their suppliers, vendors, contractors etc. Contractor management software precisely performs such functions. Digital platforms like these offer better chances of optimization.

Deep technology for Safety

Deep technology for Safety ecosystem

Deep technology is defined as technology which offers significant advancements over the currently employed technology. Deep technology has already created ripples in the conventional technology ecosystem; Biology; chemistry and physics sit at the cusp of producing most novel materials.

labour management system

Digital labour management system

Modern context of capitalism is based on two narratives – western economy is rapidly moving towards consolidation while the tremendous emerging economies of the east are diversifying. Most of the economic trends of progress, deficit and taxation to institutional policymaking in banking.