Public Health and Safety Training Calendar

ASK-EHS has been providing EHS training for more than eight years. During this period, we have acquired a reputation for both the compactness of time-schedule and relevance/richness of the course contents, which highlight the expertise and professionalism of our tutors.

Learning new skills and brushing up and refining on existing ones are a fundamental element of professional and personal development. We believe that education, the meeting of minds and sharing of best-practices are critical for the enhancement and sustainance of environment, health and safety culture. Our aim has always been to provide latest and substantial training modules on environment, health and safety related subjects, to respond swiftly to changing regulations and to provide our participants with the knowledge and insight they need to readily apply to their specific and ever-changing work-situations at the workplace, in addition to the enhancement of their personal competence.

How we deliver

Each course is delivered by highly qualified tutors who have been practitioners in the field and have brought their practical experiences and wealth of knowledge into the classroom. We also appreciate that the expertise, knowledge and reputation of our tutors is key to our success, when closely assimilated by the curious minds of the professional participants.

Our public training courses are at competitive low cost, independently tailored and researched with industry experts to offer you focused and topical agenda on issues facing the financial, business, energy and legal markets. At each course, you will receive from multiple practitioners offering their expertise and techniques to resolve the challenges faced in industries.

Our in-house courses are standardized and tailor-made which can be delivered off-the-shelf. In-house trainings offer the flexibility to choose the courses of your need. The public course dates are always structured in such a way that the related sessions build on one another but offer independent deliverables.

To conserve the valuable time-span of the participants, in-house schedules include Saturdays, Sundays or other holidays.

  • New hires who have just joined the organisation
  • Individuals looking to fill-up a knowledge gap
  • Experienced professionals looking to refresh and refine their technical skills
  • Teams employed in implementation and development of EHS strategies
  • Graduates preparing a career in EHS
  • Flexible and technologically-advanced learning environments that are safe, healthy, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible
  • Fully equipped with equipment needs of the training program and curriculum
  • Spacious with excellent seating arrangement, quality acoustics and appropriate lighting
  • Training rooms equipped for audio/visual and internet-based instruction
  • A separate dining hall offering lunch and refreshments of high standards
  • Power Point Presentations: Power Point Presentations with relevant pictures, drawings and write ups, detailing the key points of the selected subjects including training documentation write ups on training slides for the trainer.
  • Flash Player: Moving backgrounds, with voice over in selected languages.
  • 3D Animations: Standard Project Inductions & Trainings, with voice over in all major Indian languages and English, multiple languages audio selections choices available along with multiple selections of language subtitles in DVD formats.
  • Course Materials/Handouts & Pocket Booklets
  • Certificate of Attendance and successful completion of the training course
  • Competency Id Card
  • A Group photograph for all participants

Training Calendar (2018)

  • October 2018
    • SR. No. Title Of Programme Duration Start Date End Date
      1 Electrical Safety 1 Day 1-Oct-18 1-Oct-18
      2 Safety Committee Effectiveness Measurement & Improvement 2 Days 3-Oct-18 4-Oct-18
      3 OHS in Construction Sector 1 Day 5-Oct-18 5-Oct-18
      4 QUALITY Management Systems-ISO,9000 5 Days 6-Oct-18 11-Oct-18
      5 Safety in Textile Industry 1 Day 12-Oct-18 12-Oct-18
      6 Behaviour Based Safety 2 Days 13-Oct-18 15-Oct-18
      7 Safety in Diamond Industry 1 Day 16-Oct-18 16-Oct-18
      8 Work at Height & Fall protection 1 Day 17-Oct-18 17-Oct-18
      9 Scaffolding Inspector/Supervisor Certificate Training 3 Days 18-Oct-18 20-Oct-18
      10 Certified Rigging & Lifting Inspector/Supervisor Training 3 Days 22-Oct-18 24-Oct-18
      11 Emergency Evacuation 1 Day 25-Oct-18 25-Oct-18
      12 Managing Safely (IOSH) 4 Days 26-Oct-18 30-Oct-18
      13 Process Safety Training 1 Day 31-Oct-18 31-Oct-18
  • November 2018
    • SR. No. Title Of Programme Duration Start Date End Date
      1 Working Safely (IOSH) 2 Days 1-Nov-18 1-Nov-18
      2 Electrical Safety 1 Day 3-Nov-18 3-Nov-18
      3 Safety in Electrical Power Distribution 1 Day 5-Nov-18 5-Nov-18
      4 Shutdown & Maintenance Safety 1 Day 6-Nov-18 6-Nov-18
      5 Industrial Safety Training For GET/EDHT 1 Day 9-Nov-18 9-Nov-18
      6 Environment Aspect and Impact Studies 1 Day 10-Nov-18 10-Nov-18
      7 Accident Investigation & Prevention Techniques 2 Days 12-Nov-18 13-Nov-18
      8 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Training 1 Day 14-Nov-18 14-Nov-18
      9 Scaffolding Inspector/Supervisor Certificate Training 3 Days 15-Nov-18 17-Nov-18
      10 NEBOSH IGC 12 Days 19-Nov-18 30-Nov-18
  • December 2018
    • SR. No. Title Of Programme Duration Start Date End Date
      1 Certificate in LOTOTO 1 Day 1-Dec-18 1-Dec-18
      2 Confined Space Entry Safety 1 Day 2-Dec-18 2-Dec-18
      3 Importance of Audit and method of conduction of EHS Audit 1 Day 3-Dec-18 3-Dec-18
      4 Certificate Course of Confined Space Safety Attendant 1 Day 4-Dec-18 4-Dec-18
      5 IGC Examination NEBOSH   5-Dec-18 5-Dec-18
      6 Certified Rigging & Lifting Inspector/Supervisor Training 3 Days 6-Dec-18 8-Dec-18
      7 Job Hazard Analysis/HIRA 1 Day 9-Dec-18 9-Dec-18
      8 OSHAS 18001:2007 - Lead Auditors Course 5 Day 10-Dec-18 14-Dec-18
      9 Radiation Safety 1 Day 15-Dec-18 15-Dec-18
      10 Scaffolding Inspector/Supervisor Certificate Training 3 Days 17-Dec-18 19-Dec-18
      11 Defensive Driving Safety 1 Day 20-Dec-18 20-Dec-18
      12 Behaviour Based Safety 2 Days 21-Dec-18 22-Dec-18
      13 Managing Safely (IOSH) 4 Days 25-Dec-18 28-Dec-18
      14 Industrial Safety Training For GET/EDHT 1 Day 29-Dec-18 29-Dec-18
      15 Hazop Study 1 Day 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-18

Our Clientele

  • Boskalis International Dredging International CV
  • HPL Additives Ltd.
  • Helix Energy Solutions
  • Niko Resources Limited
  • Cairn Energy India Pvt Ltd.
  • Larsen & Toubro Limited
  • Hindustan Construction Company
  • Innovative Management Consultant
  • M.V. Industrial
  • Pollucon Laboratories
  • Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Essar projects Ltd.
  • Neo Structo Construction Limited
  • Samsung-Besix-Arebtec-JV
  • Pollucon Laboratories, Radhashir JCPL