Permit to Work (PTW) software proves to be a very useful and convenient tool to establish control, co-ordination and communication, following correct work sequences among the participating agencies through computer system, facilitating:

  • Full view of entire work scenario to enable the in-charge to take correct and fast decision
  • Right, definite and quick communication
  • Smooth flow of work, saving time, avoiding lengthy paper work
  • Easy & quick retrieval data bank
  • Application of Job Hazard Analysis and Isolation Lockout Tagout procedures


Area Map

Area map is an aerial view of the plant layout which depicts the current status of permits issued and application waiting, moreover it facilitates:

  • Color codes and symbols identify the nature of permits
  • Identification marks for different permits with their brief work description
  • With a single click, entire status of permits and application appears, identification marks for different isolation points with status.

Job Hazard Analysis

  • PTW software allows creating or attaching Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Task Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • The job can be broken down into a series of work steps, each being recorded on the JHA. Each work step is then analyzed separately to determine the potential hazards related to it
  • A client-specific Hazard library is provided to stimulate though and to assist in defining the hazards and controls of each work step

Isolation Management

  • Application maintains record of each equipment, their isolation points and isolation procedure with relevant aids like actual photographs, drawings and diagrams
  • Software can incorporate the user’s application of different Lock-out / Tag-out accessories
  • Software gives engineer the ability to print out Isolations list & Tags that can be taken to the worksite and used to carry out the required isolations which are then recoded in the PTW software.

Management Information

  • Flexible analysis functions delivering ‘real-time’ management information
  • Built in management reports like permit issued, suspended permits, Isolation list, JHA list, Hazards list etc.
  • Graphical presentation for statistical analysis
  • System supports all reports, permits and certificates to be exported as PDF files for easy distribution

Knowledge Sharing

  • Knowledge-based processing of safety information, such as JSA, Isolations allied with capture of lesson learnt, accidents occurred following work tasks and experience gathered at work sites during execution of actual job
  • Powerful tool to process permits and certificates electronically in an informed and highly integrated manner

Permit tracker

Every authorized user of Permit to Work system get aware about the ongoing permits and can track applications with their status

Compatible with iPad/Tablet/Smart phones

  • Access software, get notified, send approvals anywhere from your Smart phones, iPads, Tablets
  • User interface is targeting "Keep it simple" goal
  • Worked without network connectivity as well, in offline mode

Warning & Alerts

  • Software warns issuer if permit which is raised coincides with a permit in current use on the same location or grid reference
  • Location hazard warning with danger zone classification ensures that users are aware of the potential dangers
  • Reminder for the permit validity expiration
  • State-flow also encompasses email, concurrence, notifications, lesson learned, gas testing and many other trigger features to support the safety processes

Other Value-Added Benefits

  • Permit Monitoring

    Facilitates to maintain log of audit held by Safety or authorized users for live permits with hand held devices

  • External References (Attachment)

    Facility to attach any external references in form of electronic document such as work procedures, photographs, drawing, diagrams etc.

  • Web-Based Solution

    Internet/Intranet based secure application, Runs at single/multiple location(s) as per hierarchy of organization

  • Multilingual Solution

    Software interface is available on various languages

  • Security

    System offers advanced configurable security features extending to single sign on, security switching, roll and skill matching.

  • Unadulterated Information

    Information cannot be tampered if once submitted to the central repository

  • Interactive Dashboards

    Preformatted charts, graphs and scorecards in personalized dashboards., At-a-glance' views / insights on all aspects of business performance

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

    Track performance of your organization based on personalized Performance Indicators

  • Approval Mechanism

    This mechanism validates both the users and the data before allowing a change.

  • Gas-test Monitoring

    Log of continuous / frequent gas test data using wireless handheld devices.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Easy interface to operate, optimize data entry, quick access on reports-graphs an easy navigation among system components

  • Support

    Online technical support; library of support documentation/materials


  • Management of permit to work documents and certificates.
  • Type of documents
    • Hot work permit
    • Cold work permit
    • Electrical isolation
    • Mechanical isolation
    • Confined space entry certificate
    • Scaffolding certificate
    • Excavation certificate
    • Diving certificate
    • Radiography certificate
  • Featuring
    • Notification generation
    • Permit creation
    • Concurrence and authorization
    • Supporting isolations and certificate issuance
    • Permit issue
    • Gas testing
    • Surprise inspection by safety
    • Issue for testing
    • Surrender control
    • Valid-to and expiry
    • Full audit trail and history
  • Permit states
    • Application mode
    • Issued
    • Submitted
    • Approved
    • Surrendered
    • On hold
    • Suspended
    • Cancelled
    • Closed
    • History
  • PTW software contains feature to manage the entire isolation process with controls and checks to support logical process flow, ensuring the synchronization of plant isolation with permits
  • The isolation & de-isolation process can be managed with Lock or Tag control. It gives engineer the ability to print out isolations list ad tags that can be taken to the worksite and used to carry out the required isolations which are then recorded in the software
  • Isolation point verification
    Mobile devices can be used to upload specific isolation point’s details in order to provide plant engineers the ability to locate and confirm the isolation points as specified Isolation engineer can confirm the appropriate isolation sequence. On completion, the information can be uploaded to affirm specified isolation points have been applied. The system facilities de-isolation procedure in a similar manner
  • Featuring
    • Isolation points & types
    • Isolation states
    • Shared isolations
    • Procedure as an attachment
    • Tag & lock box detail
    • Audit and history
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Task Risk Assessment (TRA) can be integral part of PTW software
  • Following task definition the job can be broken down into a series of work steps, each being recorded on the JHA. Each work step is then analyzed separately to determine the potential hazards related to it
  • A client-specific hazard library is provided for assisting in defining hazards and controls for each work step
  • Draft JHA can be printed and used to visit the worksite for evaluating the hazard present, followed with JHA update, refinement and addition of Hazards and controls
  • Supplementary assessments such as materials, lifting plans or crafts can also be supported with the document attachment facilities of the software
  • Clear working party communications: Job Hazard Analysis provides the work team with identified hazards, controls, barriers and safety documents that require communication prior to work environment. JHA can act as support tool where the individual input, agreement, roles and responsibilities can be agreed with the working party prior to commence work