Permit to Work Software for Telecom Industry

Telecom industry has a unique attribute when it comes to the nature of works’, it undertakes to ensure smooth operations. Nature of works’ here refers to a wide variety of installation, maintenance and replacement jobs or tasks. Telecom industry follows a strict hierarchy based on their location: circle, zonal, regional and site wise offices.

These locations house critical data centers which forms the backbone of the telecom service provider. In brief, these data centers ensure the maintenance of services and connectivity by acting as intermediaries between the physical networks and the subscribers.

The other works’ aspect of telecom industry are the physical networks or mobile towers which are spread out over a defined geography correlating to the location based hierarchy defined earlier. This infrastructure provides connectivity over the local loop and can be spread out based on the number of subscribers and potential customer driven business opportunities.

‘Permit to work’ environment in telecom sector is based on the requests raised in either of these two domains. The levels of control offered by a permit to work software can prove vital to the sector as it can keenly address the biggest risk factor: network downtime.

Take the case of an unscheduled server maintenance request, originating from the data center. A task as crucial as server maintenance would not only require prior authorization . Unscheduled maintenance worsens the problem further as the permit to work clearance would acquire top priority.

Permit to work software solution alleviates this urgency by offering a single window based request handling and clearance system that fits on your hand-held devices.

Similarly, in case of repair works to be undertaken at mobile towers by sub-contractors. The crew undertaking the job can effortlessly raise the request and specify the works’ description in detail with PTW software with features as location or area maps as well as a detailed job hazard analysis. This is especially relevant due to working at height or confined space which the sub-contracted worker would encounter while working at remote locations.

All these procedures and features are inclusive of the PTW software which also enables live updates and alerts, intimating the personnel in-charge of approving the requests as well as others within the permit to work hierarchy. It should be reiterated here, that PTW software would offer the telecom industry with a unified solution to handle its high frequency of permit to work requests, whether to be undertaken by an in-house worker or a sub-contractor.

It is not only the levels of control, sophistication and adaptability which the PTW software offers to the telecom industry. It also lends muscle to your safety track record which is paramount for any organization and the primary purpose of a PTW software.

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