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Animated Safety Training Solutions

An Innovative Tool to Teach and Train

At ASK-EHS, we have an in-house Animation studio. we combine vast creative animation development with practical work experience of mainstream EHS; to bring out amazing, result oriented EHS videos. Our EHS Experts are involved right from the conceptual phase, including detailed study of requirement, client procedures / policies, analysis of purpose and key areas to be highlighted to achieve the goals.

A qualified team of functional Analysts (combining EHS domain experts and creative script writers), Photographers, Modelers, Animators, Sketchers, Editors and Narrators take-up the assignment and development....

ASK-EHS analyzed and understood the benefits of using the animation medium as an effective tool for delivering EHS trainings. Therefore establishing an in-house animation studio led us to carve out various new methods within the domain of Animation. These revolutionary new sections in Animation have proved to be very popular and beneficial amongst leading construction and production (engineering) houses in India and Overseas.

ASK-EHS integrates animation modules that are developed in-house in all the trainings that are imparted through our Training Department. These include, well researched trainings on, Scaffolding, Working at Height, Excavation and Trenching and many more.


ASK-EHS developes customized animated movies keeping in mind client's requirements. We shall conduct a detailed study of client's EHS policies/procedures. We shall also consider client's working environment and level of targeted audiences. The animated movies will be developed based on this information. Customized animation movie shall have background pictures of client premises, personalized character and their appearance. Brief scope is as follows:

  • Concept development
  • Script designing & development
  • Character designing
  • Back ground designing (Project site specific)
  • Topic wise scene division
  • Animation
  • Particle effects
  • Sound recording
  • Background music and special effects

Categories we cater in customized animated movies are:

  • Safety Induction
  • Equipment's Safe Operating Procedures
  • Animated E-Learning Training Programs
  • Recreating Accident / Incident using Animation
  • Recreating Near-miss scenarios using Animation
  • Visitor Induction
  • Life Saving Rules
  • Training Modules

Note: These animation(s) shall be sold to customers to utilize it within their organization for internal training purposes only and shall not be used for any monetary gain.


  • Using animation crosses the barrier of combining imagination and skill in education and training.
  • Interactive learning with live-action animation, video, audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice, and questions & answers keep learners interested and reinforces skills.
  • Animation programs can represent dangerous events without exposing the workers to the hazards.
  • Learner can be shown the results of mistakes made in the process or activity.
  • Real-life experiences are not readily available, but an animated trip in the past brings the learner some feeling of what it must have been like.
  • Computer animation is capable of presenting true-to-life situations that learners face every day.
  • All learners learn the same principles and skills - Consistent courses
  • Animated program can hold the audiences' attention by portraying emotional touches and being melodramatic to generate emotional response
  • Addressing multi-lingual needs - Animation can be developed in multiple languages to cover audiences of various regions & nationalities
  • Training fresher becomes very easy
  • Cost and time efficient as it can be shown at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE
  • Easy to grasp and register even for non-literate/local work-force because of AUDIO-VISUAL presentation
  • Ideal for demonstrating processes which are impossible to observe in reality
  • Easily & efficiently distributed among multiple locations as it is digital in nature

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Animated health and safety training