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Career at ASK-EHS

ASK-EHS stands on the individual commitments of its employees and on core company - value processes. We at ASK-EHS believe that "People" are the main moving force behind our success. ASK-EHS as a work place is a bouquet of creativity and technology. We motivate people not only to get involved in a project but also get committed to it. The competitive and friendly work culture brings the best out of all. At each step in your career we prepare you for the next position. The responsibilities at each level are carefully designed to give you the right mix of challenge and enjoyment, so that you could get a path to achieve your career goals.

Our performance evaluation process provides a base for you to map your career and achieve your long term and short term goals with clear guidance and support. As part of career development plan, we give opportunity of job rotation to enrich the job profile in a given discipline and sometimes even cross- functional. This supports “lateral growth “besides vertical growth.

Global Exposure

Joining us will expose you to a transnational career. You can go global soon after you step into the corporate world. Our operations and customer base spreads across world. A large number of our professionals are currently deputed onsite at our client locations and at our design centers globally.

Together We Grow!

The process of growth at ASK-EHS aims at identifying the strengths and competencies of an individual, fill in the gaps that are necessary for that competence development. Mentoring involves building a relationship to foster personal and professional growth. Our managers have a rich experience base and are best guides to give the right tips on what needs to be done to achieve your full potential. We help in developing “techno-functional" and "leadership" competencies as part of succession planning, to ensure bench strength of management talent, ready for the future.

We do not only believe in working hard but we work smart and we don't forget to enjoy what we do. We have different management and employee trainings which include both in-house and out-of –office workshops filled with fun and games. To add further, all members are treated as an asset to the organization.

‘Higher You Go - Heavier You Get!’

ASK-EHS believes that the pillars of its growth and success are its employees. We appreciate individuals based and their commitments, deliverables and above all their attitude and recognize them through our reward programs. At every step of success, we offer special benefits and incentives which help to motivate to accomplish greater feats.

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