Scaffolding Management Software

Manage Scaffolding requests, their approvals, production and material inventory effectively and efficiently by ASK-EHS Scaffolding Management Software.


Scaffolding Management Software

Simple & Customized System Aimed at Promoting Safe Working Practices

Manage Scaffolding requests, their approvals, production and material inventory effectively and efficiently by ASK-EHS Scaffolding Management Software. Software system supports the full cycle of scaffolding management and comes with a customized work-flow to validate steps to promote safe working practices.

Scaffolding management software controls the status as request is moved through during its lifecycle. It produces reports, graphs, KPIs & analytical information to make smart business decisions. Software stores records of inspection, and scaffold tags. It is easily accessible via smart devices. Scaffolding Management Software thus values Man, Material, Time and Productivity.


Image Capturing & Annotation Tool

  • Decision making authorities will get visual appearance of site condition while reviewing scaffold erection or modification request data. It helps in identifying the correct requirement of scaffold design.
  • This information nearly eliminates the requirement of site visit in most of the cases and helps in reducing approval time for scaffolding operations.

Floor Map with Live Data Feeds

  • Plant drawings or general assembly drawings shall be used as a base image of floor map tool
  • It displays: Standing scaffold on your project, Access points of various scaffolds, Scaffold inspection tag status, Uptime of scaffold, Photos, Last modification done and Progress status


  • At-a-glance insights of teams’ productivity, material utilization, labor cost and process-efficiency
  • Improved access of the information from high level summary/trends to drill down of individual records
  • Man & material bottleneck alerts
  • Scaffold inspection records and notification

Identification of Bottlenecks

  • Better planning for Men & Materials
  • Identifies productivity of scaffold team, displays trends based on available men, their efficiency and requests
  • Maintains material in-use at store, alert against critical stock levels

Key Performance Indicators

  • Measure scaffold team productivity
  • Measure hours wasted due to non-productive activities
  • Analysis promotes requestor to make better planning
  • Trends of delay in scaffold completion
  • Scaffold erection & dismantle timeline
  • Scaffold weight calculation

Compatible with iPad / Tablet

  • Request, correct, approve and store scaffold erection, modification and dismantle request & production data using web or iPad/tablet app
  • Its user interface is targeting “Keep it Simple” goal
  • Offline mode in iPad/tablet app supports on-field data capturing – no worries for network connectivity.

Efficient Usage of Scaffold Materials

  • Based on tentative up-time provided by scaffold requestor, scaffold department can plan dismantling of scaffold on time
  • Software alerts the authorities for the scaffold not modified since long, this in-turn helps to free the space and materials by dismantling unused on-field scaffolds

Electronic Flow

  • Authorities interact with each other using the software instead of email/phone-calls
  • Increase data transparency among users
  • Saves significant time of interaction
  • Notifications for the actions requires attention
  • Tracking of scaffold status: Draft request, Action pending, Erection-queue, Dismantle-queue, Planned production, Work initiated, Erected, Dismantled, Request rejected, Request completed

Scaffold Production Records

  • Software collects production records after work completion like: Scaffold actual dimension, Team members, Man-hours utilized, Material used, Non-productive hours details and Photos of completed scaffold

Labour Invoice Verification

  • Man-hours captured in production reports helps in tracking Weekly man-hours, Sub-contractor invoices & Project specific scaffolding operation’s man-hours

Other Value-Added Benefits

  • Web-Based Solution

    Internet/Intranet based secure application, Runs at single/multiple location(s) as per hierarchy of organization

  • Email/SMS Alerts & Notifications

    Set email alerts & notification to yourself and other responsible persons

  • Security

    Limited access rights to users/work-groups. Limited access to files, documents, reports and more

  • External Data File Linking (Attachment)

    Facility to attach external documents, images, flow-charts, graphs, data files in forms & reports to use as reference material

  • Analysis of Interlined Data

    Generates data by analyzing information from various modules

  • Support

    Online real-time support. Library of support documentations, FAQs, Help files, Interactive learning tools


  • Scaffold work request and its approval
  • Production planning
  • Work allocation
  • Work initiation, completion and production report preparation
  • Periodic inspection of completed scaffold
  • Issue Scafftag (Green, Yellow, Red)
  • Scaffold part wise material inventory
  • Material Inward, Issue, Receive & Deadstock
  • Current material stock
  • Scaffold Team Performance
  • Scaffold production hours
  • Time spent behind non-productive activities
  • Standing scaffolds (not in use)
  • Floor Map with live data feeds
  • Lead days from requesting disciplines
  • Delays
  • Scaffold weight
  • Material in use & in store stock