Pre-Start-up Safety

Pre-Start-up Safety Review Approach – by ASK-EHS Trainers

A Pre-Start-up Safety Review (PSSR) is an exhaustive safety inspection or audit of old plant or new plant or redesigned manufacturing plant or facility conducted before its commissioning and start up the operation for production . PSSR is also called prior operational risk analysis and review having intention of ensuring that the facility is safe to operate with necessary compliance and Safety Measures in place.

internal auditors

Top 5 skills for internal auditors

Internal auditors are too, disrupting their conventional thinking patterns (thanks to digital initiatives) and in tandem with the stakeholders, shaping best practices. They evaluate a company’s health and safety management system, help build best practices, so upgrades to their skills and traits, remain essential.

Mechanical Completion

Mechanical Completion

During the project execution and implementation phase, Mechanical completion is defined as the state where all systems including utility and auxiliary facilities have reached the condition “Ready to Use “and are certified by the Construction Chief”.