Enable skill and unleash diversity

In India, a survey conducted by the National Sample Survey organization NSSO) revealed that the lack of skilled manpower was very strongly linked to the fact that only 2 percent of India’s youth and only about 7 percent of the whole working-age population had received vocational training.

strategies for training

4 strategies to create training impact

Creating success arcs for each other has often been a hallmark of some of the most prosperous nations – supply feeds demand and the ripples across the ponds allow communication to drive sales. To repurpose older objectives with fresh aims and fashion conventional business practices with cutting edge insights.

job market

Skills and sustainable job market

India, uniquely sits at the cross roads of unraveling tremendous economic potential as demonstrated by the GDP figures, each year. And yet, despite its promising economic growth rate, the percentage of worker involved within the informal economy has stayed relatively stable at 92%.

work at height training

Pre-job briefing – Communication Towers

In order to erect or maintain communication towers, employees regularly climb the towers, using fixed ladders, support structures or step bolts, varies from 30 to 100 meters height. They climb the towers throughout the year even in the time of adverse weather conditions.

Work at Height

Work at Height rules – what has changed

Post 2005 after the work at height rules had been proposed and implemented in the U.K construction industry (2 metre) – a pragmatic turnaround was further proposed and brought into action via independent evaluation. Prior to 2005, before the rule was in place, the Work at Height study included a number of key industries.