Lockout-Tagout Software

Safe workplace is right of every worker. Workers associated with machines (from its servicing to repairing to maintenance) are directly associated with risks and hazards. Failure to control hazards during these activities can be fatal. Maximum industrial accidents are caused by the unexpected energization or startup of equipment or machines or by the uncontrolled release of energy. Our serious efforts by controlling unauthorized or accidental use of energy can be very beneficial preventing serious injuries to unnecessary deaths. Many of these accidents can be prevented by proper implementation of LOCKOUT/TAGOUT system.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Software helps in implementing procedures and manages resources in effective way, eliminating the human error with increased information availability for each equipment and isolation points. This software can be seamlessly integrated with Permit to Work system.

Loto Software


Master records

LOTO Software allows maintaining master records of unit, area, equipment, isolation points and authorized personnel(s)

Allows cross referencing between required records (e.g. Equipment - Isolation Point)

Procedure document generation/attachment for each type of isolation point - attachment option of startup and shutdown procedures for equipment & isolation points with actual photographs/drawings

Master records

Tag Printing

While issuing the lock and gadget, Software allows Tag to be printed according to template with following details;

Template of Tag based on Isolation Point Type

Isolation Point Number

Unique Tag Number

Date of Applying

Isolation Officer's Name & Contact Number

Certificate Issuing Authority Name & Contact Number

Tag Printing

Reference of number of Permits issued on same Equipment/Isolation Point(s)

Software identifies number of permits requires access to same isolation points

Multiple agency will have transparent information about the isolated status of any equipment and thus avoid redundant isolations / de-isolations

Permit issued against this equipment

Electronic Log book shows Issued or Active Lockouts and Tagouts

Software incorporates electronic log book which shows issued or active lockouts and tagouts. Data gets archived when the lockout and tagout is completed or removed

Inventory of Locks and Gadgets

Issue & receive of locks & gadget while isolation & de-isolation

Records faulty locks & gadgets

Current Stock of locks and gadgets

Electronic Log book shows Issued or Active Lockouts and Tagouts


Dashboard reports the current site status like

Ongoing isolated equipments

Under testing equipments

Planned de-isolation of equipments

Authorized personal contact numbers for ease of communication

Track isolation-point/equipment

With the help of Search engine, user can access data of equipment, isolation points with their status (isolated/ de-isolated), startup & shutdown procedures and log of maintenance.

Logout Tagout (loto) software dashboard

Other Value-Added Benefits

Web-Based Solution
Internet/Intranet based secure application, Runs at single/multiple location(s) as per hierarchy of organization
Email Alerts and Notification
Set email alerts and notification to yourself and other responsible members
User-friendly Interface
User friendly interface to operate, optimize data entry, quick access on reports & graphs providing easy navigation among system components
External Data File Linking
Facility to attach external documents, images, flowcharts, graphs, data files which can be used further as reference materials
Limited access rights to users/work-groups. Limited access to files, documents, reports and more
History of System Data
Stores data history for future internal and external audits.