Health Management Software

Employee Health is determining factor which can ensure better production of an organization. It is essential that all the employees should complete the required health assessment before reporting to work premises. Health Management Module helps organizations to collect and organize employee primary health statistics, their continuous health checkup and monitoring data to effectively manage employee health based on history and ensuring ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and management system standards.

Occupational Health Management software


Manage Health of Your Employees to Improvise Productivity

Employees are the driving force for an organization and its success. This software allows you to assess and achieve better health of your employees and in turn get productive results.

Employee Health Management Software Dashboard

Organize Health Campaigns and Routine Medical Check-Up of Your Staff

Different health checkups and campaigns can be conducted for employees every year depending upon their needs and existing work environment of the organization. You can organize and manage all your health checkups with ease and convenience through this software.

Organize Health Campaigns and Routine Medical Check-Up of Your Staff

Manage and Store all Your Health Data at a Central Location

Software allows you to maintain and store medical inventory of all your employees’ health data from their routine medical check-ups, to their past health assessment. You can also manage and update medicine stock data.

Manage and Store all Your Health Data at a Central Location

Get Notified for Your Expired Medicine Stock

Get prompt alerts of your medicinal stocks which have expired, which are about to be expired, which are consumed and which are in excess. This helps you in better planning and you can come to know instantly which medicines need to be bought when.

Get Notified for Your Expired Medicine Stock

Know Your Work Environment

The data of the health checkups and campaigns conducted, can be analyzed to know what are the health problems faced by your employees, what preventions and changes as an employer you need to implement in your working environment to reap fruitful and healthy environment of your organization.

Know Your Work Environment

Conduct Food and Hygiene Inspection

Software allows you to conduct, manage and get notified for the food and hygiene inspections. These inspection allows you to be aware about the quality of materials used in your canteen to prepare eatery items and the hygiene followed. Also you can be notified instantly if something goes wrong within the same. This in-turn helps you to analyze and upgrade quality standards of your organization.

Food and Hygiene Inspection checklist records

Other Value-Added Benefits

Web-Based Solution
Internet/Intranet based secure application, Runs at single/multiple location(s) as per hierarchy of organization
Search Engine
Facilitates Search using various combinations of keywords in every module
User-Friendly Interface
User friendly interface to operate, optimize data entry, quick access on reports & graphs providing easy navigation among system components
Analysis of Interlinked Data
Helps in data generation by analyzing information from various modules
External Data File Linking
Facility to attach external documents, images, flowcharts, graphs, data files which can be used further as reference materials
History of System Data
Stores data history for future internal and external audits


This module maintains inventory of medical equipment and medicines with critical / minimum level facility.

Reminds user for medicine inventory, if minimum stock level reached. It has medicine expiry date reminder facility as well.

It helps to analyze medicine consumption by generating following reports by different criteria;

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly medicine consumption report

Illness type wise medicine consumption report

Stock Report with critical level reminder

List of Expired Medicine

Maintains Employee Details

Details of Employee Injuries and illness can be maintained in detail with treatment prescription given by doctor /paramedic.

Updates employee wise history for visits to clinic, description about illness and treatment given.

Analyze illness/injury records by producing reports based on different criteria such as,

Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Employee's Visit Report

Age wise Clinic Visit Reports

Illness type wise/Location wise Reports

Injury type/Location/Body part/Activity/Time wise Injury Reports

Module helps in maintaining record of employee’s routine medical check-up

Sets reminder for medical check-up

Helps in quick search of employee’s complete history of routine medical check-up

There is a setting available in the module for Age wise routine medical check-up setting

Maintain record of various type Campaign(s)

Schedule and set reminder for Campaign(s)

Manage every participant’s details.

Helps on searching campaign records with different criteria

Manage Checklist(s) e. g. storage, cooking etc.

Schedule(s) and set(s) reminder for Food Inspection

Conduct food inspection with observations and recommendations.

Connected with Task Management module

Facility to associate documents and images with inspection

Search Food Inspection records with different criteria

This module schedule(s) and set(s) reminder for Hygiene Inspection.

Conduct Hygiene inspection with observations and recommendations.

It is connected with Task Management Module

Facility to associate documents and images with inspection

Hygiene Inspection records can be searched with different criteria.

Medical Contract

Document Storage

Maintain Medical Contract Records.

Sets reminder for renewal of medical contract

Facility to associate documents and images of medical contract

Search Medical contract records with different criteria

System allows attaching documents to individual modules such as contract, patient history etc.

System shall allow only fixed file formats to be attached, such as JPG, BMP, PDF, PPT and DOC file formats