Safety Equipment Inspection and Inventory Management Software

It is not only a moral responsibility but rather is a norm to ensure that we are guarded by safety equipment as a part of precaution during accidents or near-miss in and around the premise that we work upon on day to day basis.

Now, just by keeping safety equipment does not guarantee a full proof security when in crisis, but certainly having safety equipment which is up to date and is functional, always gives us a sense of safety and confidence to overcome challenges during any incidents/accidents. And therefore safety equipment inspection and safety equipment inventory management becomes most vital activity for any organization. It can be Factories, Power Plants, Refineries, Manufacturing Units, Construction Sites, Warehouses, Offices, etc.

It is a software application that helps you store and track safety equipment inspection information along with their photographs.

Keeps track record of safety equipment’s of different units/divisions in a centralized storage.

Notifies you, due date & time of safety equipment inspection.

Provides an automated safety equipment inspection checklist as part of the inspection.

Provides an detailed report of safety equipment inventory & inspection

Safety Equipment Inspection Software


Paperless and provides real-time information

Suitable for mid-size to large-size organizations

Compatible with mobile device and supports on-field inspection

Supports RFID tags & Barcodes

Tracks every equipment, with due safety equipment inspection date information

Tracks closure of CAPA

One-click live reports for analysis

Can be easily customized to suit client requirements

Easy integration with other software systems

Safety Equipment Inventory Management Software Advantages

Key Functional Features

User configurable safety equipment inspection checklist

Inspection schedule

On-field inspection

CAPA workflow

Asset registration

AMC tracking

Inspection tracker


Warnings and alerts

Technology Platform

Web based application

Built on top of Microsoft Technologies

Mobile app (Android, iOS & Windows)

Key Features Of Safety Equipment Inspection Software

Value Added Features

Tracking safety equipment and making sure about the health of the equipment at regular intervals can be a lengthy but very important task for an HSE department of any company. To an extent, just because it is unmanaged, unorganized and many times ignored. This ignorance can prove fatal at times.

Hence, a tool in the form of software - safety equipment inspection and inventory should be adopted to make things easier, manageable within an allocated time frame.


Attach live pictures from field

Define multiple checklist

List with options and free text answers

Overall scoring

Pass/Fail criteria

Value Added Features Of Safety Equipment Inspection Software


Define schedules

Pending inspection lists on dashboards

Ad-hoc inspections

Inventory Management

Register asset (Unique Number)

Vendor registrations

Vendor mapping with assets

AMC tracking and mapping

Safety Equipment Inspection Checklist & Schedules

Mobile App

On-field Inspection

CAPA identification, modification, status update

CAPA review & approval workflow

Push notification

Safety Equipment Inspection Checklist

Pending inspections

Completed inspections

Inspection missed

Site/plant wise action Items and status

Analytical dashboards

Export to excel and pdf's

Mobile App for Safety Equipment Inspection

Area of Application

Operational plant

Oil/Gas refineries

Power plants


Medium/Large size factories


Safety Equipment Inspection Software Areas Of Application