About Us

Ushering digital change for industries searching for meaningful compliance solutions


Over the course of 10 years, ASK-EHS’ safety and health software solutions have served industries globally. Our software has brought better control of activities with assured compliance for diverse operations in several different sectors.

We create digital automation platforms that leverage industrial operations via ‘systems based’ approach to regulatory compliance with an eye on proactive reporting. We Shape the workflow of these solutions based on EHS expert advice and customer insights.

Our clients have trusted us for their EHS software requirements across multiple sites, investing into their safety and health through customized solutions and superior customer experience.

A healthy portfolio of solutions lets our customers choose the sort of automation their facility requires. We assess and guide them through this process – allowing only the relevant solutions find the right workplace.



Our approach to EHS software solutions require an in-depth assessment and evaluation or detailed requirement analysis, based on:

  • Type of solution required
  • Nature of technology driving the solution
  • Application of the solution, whether it is required in field or inside plant
  • Infrastructure evaluation, for both pre- and post-implementation scenarios
  • Evaluation for feasibility and costing
  • Indicating the potential Return On Investment (ROIs) as value addition

This requirement analysis helps us to suggest and align our solution according to your business process that is supported by its EHS framework.


Based on the consultation process, we initiate the next phase of solution implementation. We execute the implementation process by:

  • Installation of infrastructure
    • Installing and activating the solution support structure
    • Testing for connectivity and hardware operations
  • Software deployment
    • Installation of solution
    • Testing and validation in pre-live environment
  • Master record configuration
    • Integration of user profiles and static data
    • Integration of legacy data
  • Pilot runs
    • Testing for functionality, operations and response in pre-live environment
    • Ascertain and establish bugs or errors arising in pre-live environment
  • Final troubleshooting
    • Trouble shooting at for technical errors and bugs

This methodology of implementation receives a 3600 functional support from our EHS experts, wherever necessary.

Training and Support

Training and support activities are crucial for customized solutions, therefore we facilitate it at different levels:

  • Onsite or online presence of technical personnel to facilitate implementation and support activities
  • Training on software operations and usage for both functional (EHS and administrative) and technical (workers) users
  • Ongoing support activities and troubleshooting within the defined scope
    • Bug and errors generated during software use
    • Query or doubt(s) resolution during software use
    • Monitoring of data entry and associated errors
  • If there are new features, functionalities or changes that are requested, we consider them as change requests that are dealt separately


The compliance framework set within several critical documents corroborated with regulatory acts, provides the functional basis to our software solutions.

Due to our twin foundations: EHS and software, we are able to bring EHS framework and populate the digitalized solution, together. Our EHS expertise enables us to help your business with the regulation and compliance achieving content, as per your country and industry standards. Some of the examples are:

  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Hazard Operability (HAZOP)

Specific compliance and regulatory documents are digitalized as per the solution, vetted for accuracy and integrated within solutions to help your business:

  • Ensure compliance(s)
  • Reduce non-conformities
  • Maintain vigilant reporting on associated renewals, inspections or visits.