EHS Management Software
Cloud based solution

SAFE: EHS Management Software

SAFE is a revolutionary web based application with user friendly interface. It is designed to provide prompt and flexible solutions improving your EHS performance and managing your EHS department. This application can record EHS performance including accomplishments, performance gaps, critical incident and near-miss data. SAFE can be tailored to suit your requirements. It is very cost affective for small organizations, as, you can select modules suiting your requirements. Equally, larger, more complex corporations enjoy the synergistic benefits of using a wider range of EHS modules across a number of locations. SAFE has been developed by leading EHS professionals keeping in mind Real-time EHS records, compliance at your fingertips, allowing you and your team to easily manage tasks, duties and records, giving you visibility and complete control of your organization’s EHS performance. In all SAFE is a Solution, not just Software.

SAFE - Safety, Analysis, Functional, Evaluation


EHS Accident/Incident/Near-Miss Analysis

Record, analyze and report EHS Incidents, Injuries and Near-Miss, Accessible Anywhere Anytime, Creates visibility for identification of root causes and increase EHS Performance, Implement Corrective-Preventive Actions, Maintains real time records of detection and mitigation of every incident

The EHS Management Software - Statistical Analysis on Body Parts

Manage & Evaluate Organization's Safety Performance

Record total man hours, man power details and every performance activities in various featured modules which also facilitates interrelation to get best advantage of analysis, task management and reporting for EHS department Inspections, Audits, Trainings, Management, BBS, Meetings, Safety Observation, Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment, Permit Controller, Record and monitor Induction Toolbox, Drills and Manpower.

HSE Management Software Features

Regulatory Compliance

Helps organizations to achieve regulatory compliance for National/International standards like OSHA, OHSAS 18001 and Government Regulations, Software prepares 300, 300A and 301 reports periodically, Can be customized on the basis of different Countries and State Compliance.

HSE Management Software - Incident Investigation

Task Management and Notifications

Each module of software helps in generation of action task, Helps user to get scheduled and to get notified for all important activities, It also helps to schedule regular task and reporting system on the basis of prescheduled plan

SAFE - Safety Management Software Dashboard

Real time Reporting

Track status and results in just few clicks with Graphical presentation, All the modules are facilitated with Graphical Representation (Charts, Graphs) based on various criteria’s to display KEY data in easy and analytical way, Get statistical/analytical data combining all the modules to have holistic understanding of safety performance. Such as your organization Accident Frequency rate, Accident severity rate, Total recordable case frequency rate, training hours per employee, employee training portfolio, Open Non-conformities etc.

Reduce incidents and save time, money and resources

SAFE helps EHS organizations to remain competitive, provide quality and affordable performance thereby saving resources.

SAFE - Real time Reporting System

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Get an instant view of EHS Performance of your organization depending upon the preset indicators decided on the basis of goal, At glance, see which area of activities require more attention considering analysis on Accident/Incident/Near-miss, Trainings, Audit results, EHS Observations, BBS Observations, Management walkthrough etc.

Safe - Incident Key Indicators
Training Management
Identify need of training based on skill sets, organize, schedule and conduct training programs with the help of planner and reporting system.
Audit & Inspection Management
Help to evaluate, review and ensure execution of performance and effectiveness of organization’s management system and implementation of EHS standards.
BBS Observation
Plan & schedule BBS observation and track status of Safe and Unsafe BBS observations.
Permit Tracker
Provides full view of entire work scenario in-terms with permit situations enabling the in-charge to take correct and fast decision.
Management Walk through
Schedule, Conduct & Assign corrective preventive action of walkthrough carried out by management & senior authorities
Reward & Violation Scoreboard
Reward and violation scoreboard for employee, contractor and project site

Other Value-Added Benefits

  • Trends occurrence of Near-Miss/Accident/ Incident, Severity/Frequency Rate Analysis

    Trends occurrence of Near-Miss/Accident/ Incident, Severity/Frequency Rate Analysis

    Measure effectiveness for the corrective actions to be implemented

    Ensure Corrective actions are in place to mitigate the Risk of Re-occurrence

  • Safety Management Software - Interactive Dashboards

    Interactive Dashboards

    Preformatted charts, graphs and scorecards in personalized dashboards.

    At-a-glance’ views / insights on all aspects of business performance

  • Safety Management Software - Attachment feature

    External Data File Linking (Attachment)

    Attach external documents, images, diagrams, graphs, SOPs, reports etc. to use as reference material

  • Email/SMS Alerts & Notifications

    Email/SMS Alerts & Notifications

    Get notification of emergency call, accident/incident, task expiry, overdue date, scheduled activity etc.

    Help users to get scheduled and to get notified for all important activities

  • Web-Based Solution in safety management

    Web-Based Solution

    User can access the software solution from anywhere provided internet connection is available

  • Analysis of interlined Data

    Analysis of interlined Data

    get statistical / analytical data combining all the modules to have holistic understanding of safety performance

  • Multi Location Communication Management

    Manage Multi Location

    Manage different premises independently and can see progress/data of individual work premise, their cumulative reports from their corporate account

  • User friendly interface which makes system easy to operate and navigation

    User-Friendly interface

    Easy interface to operate, optimize data entry, quick access on reports-graphs an easy navigation among system components

  • The EHS Management Software - Inspection Search Engine

    Search Engine

    Search information using various combinations of keywords in every module

  • Monthly Scheduler


    Scheduler for all safety performance modules.

  • User Roles & Rights

    User Roles & Rights

    Authentication & authorization for every user to have limited access of various modules and reports, based on their role in department

  • ASK-EHS Safety Management Software support


    Online real-time technical support

    Library of documentation, scenarios and help manual