ID Badge and Head Count Management Software

ID Badge Software is a replacement to nightmares of managing employees’ information with an awkward mix of spreadsheets, word documents, database files and cumbersome email folders.

ID Badge Software maintains record of employee’s, contractors easily and efficiently.

Highly intuitive software application, that helps in storing and tracking employee’s information along with their photographs (employee id card).

Id card software can be customized as per client’s requirements to print unique employee id cards.

These photo id cards can be used while employees are in the office/site premises or when they leave office/site premises.

Get best compatibility and suitability with most of computer operating systems.

Keeping all the industry specific requirements in mind, ASK-EHS has successfully designed custom made ID Badge Software and implemented the same in India & Abroad. With 100% client satisfaction, this software has been successful and has received excellent results.

ID Badge Software


Designed to make the operations smooth, issue instant employee id cards / instant contractor id cards immediately even if the employee/worker turnover is large

At affordable rates, get the best photo id cards

Provides all the information at a single click

Useful reports and graphs for analysis

Can be customized as per client requirements / environment

Easy integration with other systems / software’s

Identification Card Software Advantages


Desktop & Web Application

Web Camera

Fingerprint Scanner

Barcode Scanner

RFID Reader

Technologies Used in Photo ID Card Software

Key Functional Features

Capture instant photos with a web camera

Print employee Id card instantly or batch mode printing support

Facilitates batch processing: Employee registration can be done in bulk and employee photo Id cards can be printed at one go, whenever needed

Immediate printing: Get new employee registrations done and print employee photo Id cards instantly

Store, search and track employee’s complete information, using different available options

Enables to manage employee’s offence & award information too

Different color code on ID-Card can be applied as per the contractors

Advanced Search Engine

Key Functional Features Of Employee Management Software

Added Advantages

Integration of Barcode / RFID / Fingerprint technologies

Contractor/Sub-contractor wise head count & work hour calculation

Employee induction / re-induction / Training / Medical history

Block black listed employees

Get employee details using SMS

Employee payroll integration

Optional Features Of Employee Id Card Software

Area of Application

Construction/Project Site

Operational Plant

Power Plant

Oil & Gas Refinery


Medium/Large size factories

Any organization having more than 100 employees

Worker Management Software Areas Of Application

Note: - This software, also known as employee management software, manages all the activities related to issuing labour id cards / worker id cards / contractor id cards / employee photo id cards promptly with cost effective & practical solutions.