India is a diverse nation speaking many languages and dialects and yet countless factors unify us, as the citizens of India. Tumultuous traffic and a general lack of road safety awareness is one such factor.

It wouldn’t matter which part of India you visit, a heterogeneous mix of vehicles and vulnerable road users share our roads and highways from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

With our eyes and ears focused on safety and health, ASK-EHS has chosen the theme ‘Year of Road Safety’ for our official calendar 2018.

ASK-EHS has presented this endeavor by highlighting the major factors that cause road accidents or incidents in India and presenting them through thought provoking graphic visuals. We hope to reinforce the basic learnings on road safety and road safety awareness via our cutting-edge visualization which would surely find more traction with a wider audience.

So here is a quick glimpse of our ‘Year of Road Safety’ 2018 calendar.

Wall calendar with spiral-wire binding

Paper : 3+1 pages in 4/4 color on 130 Gsm Art

Size (Inches) : 14 x 20

Unit Price : Rs.110.00

Unit Price for 51-100 (Pcs.) : Rs. 99.00

Unit Price for 101-200 (Pcs.) : Rs. 89.00

Unit Price for 201-500 (Pcs.) : Rs. 79.00

Unit Price for 501-1000 or more (Pcs.) : Rs. 69.00

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