HYDROGEN SULPHIDE (H2S) Interactive Training & Awareness Program - ASK EHS

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3D Animated Training & Awareness Program

Let's Create a SAFER world, together

Globally, Oil & Gas industries face constant threats from the dangers of exposure to H2S (hydrogen sulfide). Organizations are always on the lookout for measures to mitigate these threats.

A recurring awareness program about the dangers of exposures to H2S, proactive controls and a strong emergency responses system is one of the most effective methods to ensure a safe work environment.

Identifying a need for a tool which helps in creating a recurrence of awareness amongst workforces, ASK-EHS Animation Studio presents animation movie on Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), which is rich in content, slick in pace and a visual treat.

Duration – 40 Minutes

Number of copy-protected discs – 02

Number of copy-protected USB - 01

Narration – English

Additional Languages (Narration) – Hindi, Japanese, Filipino, Arabic, Tamil, Kazakh, Spanish

Subtitle – English

Additional Subtitles – Hindi, Japanese, Filipino, Arabic, Tamil, Kazakh, Spanish

Booklet - Contents in-line with H2S 3D animated training movie

Requirements to run package on computer:

Microsoft Windows 7 or later version

Browser: Internet Explorer IE10 or later version


Mac OS X 10.9 or later version

Browser: Safari 7 or later version

Note: This package shall not be supported for DVD player.


Animation works as a best medium to show any near exact representation of an accident/incident, safety procedure or emergency response procedure; because visual registers easily in the minds of audiences. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) training program modules are designed by keeping things in mind which creates lasting impact on audience. The graphic nature of the movie connects at an emotional level while having distinct advantages over other mediums of presentation.

  • Introduction to H2S

    Its occurrence

    Physical and Chemical Properties

    Associated Hazard

  • Exposure Effects of H2S and its Toxicity

    Exposure limits of H2S and its Toxicity

    How it enters human body

    Physiological effects of H2S

    Permissible Exposure limits

    Classification of H2S work area and entry requirements

  • H2S Detectors

    Types of H2S Detection Equipment

    Functions of detectors

  • Respiratory Equipment & Their Use

    Types of breathing Apparatus

    Pre Use Check

    Donning procedure

    Doffing procedure


  • Emergency Procedure

    Planning for Evacuation

    Procedure of Evacuation

    Role of Emergency Rescue team

    First Aid Treatments

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  • Audio-Visual appeal

    Dynamic audio-visual representation of process and guidelines

    Better explanation for greater impact on Audience

    Engages the audience through melodrama to create an emotional impact

  • Interactive Experience

    Entails animated videos, audio, graphics, feedback and question-answer session

  • Addressing multi-lingual needs

    Multiple languages to cover audiences of various nationalities

  • Highlights of Processes & Relationships

    Appropriate use of ‘objects in motion’ for demonstrating dangerous occurrences

    Ideal for demonstrating things which are impossible to simulate in reality namely; “Danger & Detection of H2S.

  • Usage of Modern Techniques

    Advanced 3D animation

  • Applicability

    Movie can be used along with your on-going training programs

    Can be utilized as an information tool to induct visitors

    Can be modified to best  suit  your procedures and training programs

  • Skill & Ability Improvements

    Interactive learning that results in improved skills & abilities in handling threats.

  • Consistent

    All learners’ learn the same principals and skills

    Delivery of H2S movie on regular intervals to make EVERY employee aware of H2S Danger, Detection and Control



HSE professional having extensive experience in the Hydro Carbon industry

Mr. J K Anand
Mr. J K AnandCo-founder of ASK-EHS

HSE professional having over 20 years of experience in the Hydro Carbon industry. He is also the creative Director for this product

Mr. Udayan Sharma
Mr. Udayan SharmaCo-founder of ASK-EHS

Having over 40 years of experience in HSE practices over various companies involving several industries

Mr. L B Sinha
Mr. L B SinhaSenior Technocrat


“We have successfully released the Safety Induction DVD with 3D animation & audio. This induction film explains various construction activities & safety measures required to mitigate the risks involved. This film has been the result of careful deliberation and effort put in by both ASK-EHS and the corporate EHS / construction services team to illustrate various safety aspects in construction activities in an easily understandable manner.”

Mr. Jagatheesan P.
Mr. Jagatheesan P.
Assistant EHS Manager

ASK-EHS’ services have been beneficial and helped to lift the standard of Safety within our organization, by making personnel aware at various establishments in different countries, about the near misses or accidents, using the medium of ANIMATION

Mr. Phil Kinney
Mr. Phil Kinney
Corporate Safety Head