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  • How Behavioral Safety Improves Profitability?

    Topic in FocusSafety Budget How much important

    The impact of a serious accident or case of ill-health have very wide range of implications. The management must reflect on their own personal values and decide whether they would wish to see the unpleasant and sometimes tragic consequences of poor health and safety standards occurring in the company.

  • Her Intuition for Risk Assessment: HIRA in A New Light

    From ASK-EHS WebHer Intuition for Risk Assessment: HIRA in A New Light

    March 06, 2017

    What is the difference between a mother’s HIRA (Her Intuition for Risk Assessment) and a professionally created HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)…Simple Story which would compel you to think and care for your employees for effective Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment…

  • Unsafe acts – The main reasons of Accidents

    A Brief AnalysisUnsafe acts – The main reasons of Accidents

    “An unsafe act is an intentional or unintentional violation of an established safe work practice, procedure, method or system”…It is worth note taking how ssafety attitudes in the workplace can and do change…

  • Sizzling Scaffolding

    Safety Humor Sizzling Scaffolding

    January 28, 2016

    Some street lamps were in need of a repair, so local contractors were hired to do the job. But as the street was on a slope, the wheeled scaffolding tended to roll downhill. So the workers removed the wheels on the scaffolding…

  • स्वच्छ भारत की कहानी

    Presentation in Comic Behavior Based Safety:

    January 28, 2016

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Personal Protective Equipment
Manholes or Deathholes

Quite often, news appear about frequent deaths met by workmen who enter into manholes for different types of jobs. The number is alarming and it is a serious issue facing the society but the awareness of safety measures required to be adopted is seriously lacking.

An attempt has been made in our current issue of ‘B-Proactive’ magazine, captioning ‘A brief analysis-manholes or Death holes’ to appraise the readers about the hazards present inside the manholes; negligence’s and lack of safety procedure; control measures required to be adopted and strict adherence to safety disciplines by the supervisors and manages in-charge of the work.

Driving on Road

Industry Common IssuesIs Your Helper Trained Enough For The Job?

In industry common issue, safety of helper category at workplace, has been taken up since this helpless category is losing lives and meeting with serious injuries at workplaces quite often. The irony is – he helps many people in different sections for various jobs but there is no road-map to upgrade him in trades or safety awareness.

Looking at their low level of education and background, practical measures to improve their lot as artisans, personal and close care by the supervisory staff to ensure their safety and parental care by the employer have been suggested which might be of interest and advantage to the readers.

Statutory Norms

Health & Hygiene
Living With Plastics. Impact on Life

In ‘Heath & Hygiene ‘ section, we have touched our living partner- ‘plastic’ moving hand-in-hand when aware, and even around us when in sleep. But, our partner is deadly in silence and it impacts our health and well-being chronically and even sometimes actually,

Scientific facts have been brought out and some simple steps have been suggested to help fight this global problem. Readers will find it useful.

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