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EHS Issues Dissected
Lessons learnt from major disaster at Piper Alpha

On 6th July 1988, a major disaster occurred at Piper Alpha Offshore Installation in North Atlantic high Sea caused by fire and explosion that claimed 167 human lives due to burn injuries and drowning in sea, besides the loss of almost the entire oil rig.

The reason, once again, was the management failure during a maintenance program being conducted under a permit-to-work.

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Industry Common IssuesChallenges faced in building a positive health and safety culture

The culture of an organization makes the greatest contribution to the health and safety performance of an organization. Unfortunately culture is not an easy concept to understand; measure or manage. A good safety management system can only go some way to setting the scene for developing a good culture, but a culture goes much deeper than that. Before anything that can be discussed one needs to be clear about what the safety culture means.

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Preventive Health Management through Yoga

Preventive health management is a concept which proposes that a disease or a debilitating health condition being managed by prior anticipatory actions rather than direct intervention with medicine, later. A simple case in point is smoking, which may lead to lung cancer hence avoiding smoking will be a preventive health management step against lung cancer, even for overall health.

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