OSH India Mumbai

OSH India Mumbai – Day II

At this exhibition we showed that to grow and adopt EHS as a career, newer and out-of-the-box questions need to be raised and thought about. Overall, a key part of ASK-EHS knowledge dissemination was where our team members realized not only the task at hand, but the joy of sharing our experience with budding minds.


OSH India Mumbai Exhibition

ASK-EHS Group participated at the widely awaited OSH India exhibition held in Mumbai on 29th, 30th November. Exhibition events are not only a good way to assess how well do we know our target audiences, potential clients; but it is also the simplest path to ease into the minds of people who visit and for those who show interest within the domain.

OSH India Exhibition

OSH India Exhibition

For the purposes of ongoing progress in EHS through dialogue and conversation – the conference hall at the Bombay Exhibition Centre will be hosting environment, health and safety talks, sessions and panel discussions on both these days. We would like to extend invitation to our readers, to visit as ASK-EHS guests at the OSH India Exhibition.

Effective trainings

Improvisation for trainers comes in a not-so-different format – Improvising as per their audiences and domain. Each specialized training will have the core principles yet their methodology or mode of transfer will change from industry to industry. Work at height in oil and gas will be similar to work at height in telecom industry at its core.

safety partner

Partners in safety

Partners in safety can tackle challenges according to an accurate ‘problem estimate’ and independent analysis. Partners in safety will allow your ambitions, purpose and goals to stay affirmative for a longer period of time. Within this successful industrial narrative, it cultivates the telltale signs of performance based organizations.

Legal protection for female workers

Legal protection for Female workers

As a developing country where female foeticide is a huge challenge faced by our population dynamics, social inclusion in employment for both educated and unskilled women remains a constant struggle. Semi-skilled services sector employs a large number of female workers. Long strenuous working hours with poor facilities.