Lets be Alive

Let’s be ALIVE

A titular statement laden with profound human health implications finds its roots within the newly launched WHO program: Global action plan on physical activity 2018-2030. The main goal of the program is to facilitate regular physical activity within the lives of citizens of the world to allay the chances..

Artificial intelligence (EHS)

Can AI positively disrupt EHS?

In case of EHS, the applications that will determine the usefulness of the final product will need a constant supply of data variety and volume. Current digital EHS systems fit this bill perfectly as they are acting as the information conduits of the EHS ecosystem, now.

digital EHS era

Skills for the digital EHS era

Leaders are at the forefront of change and innovation that facilitates a disruption that would allow organizations to remain standing and prosperous in times to come. From the safety, health and sustainability perspective – change demands cooperative attributes from organizational behaviour.

Water security

Water security for cities

Water security is under threat due to vertical lifting of as much water as we like from limited aquifers in the ground below. An aquifer is a groundwater resource that recharges via natural seepage and percolation of water from the ground above. The same ground on which now impervious concrete pavements and structures stand.