Deepawali Get together at ASK-EHS

Deepawali, the festival of light brought the same influence and energy to the doorsteps of ASK-EHS family located here in Surat. A normal office with several divisions who coordinate with each other over their line of work were transformed into a chirpy and excited lot coordinating over decorations and festivities.

Transforming incidents into positive learning

Past mistakes always lay down the paradigms of a “Safe Work Ethic” for any individual, organization or institution. Organizations give a lot of importance to learning from such incidents and adopt many different ways for educating their employees. Such training-cum-learning programs form an important part of the safety ecosystem in an organization. Different organizations approach such learning programs differently. Some are content in simply sharing the information via a documented version of the incident that is shared across the organization (either digitally or through a printed version).

Do your workers need a pep talk on Safety?

Every company / organization has its own safety culture. In some organizations, there is a lot of emphasis on safety and its implementation; whereas in some other organizations, it is implemented as a mere formality while importance is given more to production optimization.

5 reasons for digitizing your Permit to Work (PTW) system

The PTW process is designed and managed in a way such that any activity or task can be safely executed. With changing time and tides, digital technology is considered as one of the best platforms for automating routine processes (like PTW systems). A digital PTW system can, therefore, prove to be a very effective option for many industries where permits are raised regularly. A digital platform provides many benefits to corporations – both in operations and in providing valuable information.

The Importance of Safety Training

The construction Industry is the second largest industry after Agriculture in India. As an integral part of the infrastructure ecosystem, the construction sector gives tremendous boost to India’s economy. However, this sector remains unattractive, neglected, unorganized and skill-deficient. This is because of the temporary nature of activities, changing work-sites, hazardous and remote work locations, adverse weather/terrain conditions, uncertain employment prospects etc.

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