Upcoming future of safety animation for EHS

The ‘new normal’ is now repeatedly echoed in the ears of many industry professionals – undoubtedly, COVID-19 remains one of the most worst struck pandemic in the history of the nations. Post this, industries are now trying to rapidly catchup and stay on top of the industry trends, almost similar to a terrified dog trying to stay on a surfboard.

Self-paced learning for safety

In these days where we are already using technology, we have many options in use for us that play a huge role in self-help and development. The hard work that teaches new teachers how differentiated learning is and has been for a while shows its importance.

How habits define a safety team

How habits define a safety team

Software that hold high level capabilities enable efficient planning and smoother operations – especially while notifying the relevant authorities and taking approvals. In 2021, organizations are spending more time reflecting.