Accident Investigation Techniques – Quick brief

The immediate action on occurrence of any accident is to save the affected persons and arrange for their rescue, first-aid and requisite medical care. Simultaneously or with no delay, the abnormal situations are to be normalized and made safe, with least or no change in the scene of the occurrence which shall facilitate incident investigation.

Process safety management

Overview of process safety management

Process safety starts with design-friendly plants which can withstand human error and equipment failure without serious effects on safety, environment and efficiency. Process design analysis is very much helpful to assess the risks in the project. Process safety identifies risk and control measures to reduce or eliminate the risks to avoid the unwanted events.

Behavioral safety

Profitability with Behavioral Safety

Traditionally, at most of the places where behavior based safety(BBS) has been applied, it has focused on employees engaged in, and close to the operation environment. At several companies, worker’s union have strongly opposed BBS on ground that it wrongly identifies only worker’s behavior responsible for accidents and ill-health.

Youth worker

Ushering safety culture transformation

By the virtue of habit, nature of job and the frontlines at which these operators function, safety culture becomes a tough nut to crack. While the organizational vision might be aligned with safety transformation through better digital technologies supporting monitoring, reporting and analysis – training the on-ground crew can be tricky.

Urban development

Urban development and safety

Safety practices are largely ignored in a day and age where we wish to secure material possessions as soon as possible. But take a moment to also admire the countless workmen and women out there who are exposed to such dangers on-site. Simple safety practices can reap more benefits than expenditure even in shorter runs.


Selecting trainings for growth

In modern days India’s rising young workforce has one clear objective in their mind – growth. In each pursuit, through their career or in personal lives, growth translates as progress. And therefore, organizations today need trainings which have embedded growth potential apart from the obvious learning goals.