The journey of River Narmada is slowly choking

Feb 11, 2018

Narmada River once had 7 different sources that fed it laying its claim to reputation of being one of the deepest and most roaring rivers flowing through India.

However, in the past decade, burden of population in downstream Gujarat along with industrialization and bauxite mining with destruction of green cover in upstream Madhya Pradesh has affected Narmada.

In its current state, there are a slew of petitions being heard by NGT to ensure that actual restoration work is undertaken. On the other hand, government programs, mining and industrialization along with pumping of Narmada water to cities is choking it.

It remains to be seen how the ‘mini smart cities’ concept introduced in Amarkantak will influence the fight for Narmada’s survival. This comes into light even as both Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh want more from the scared river.

Courtesy : Hindustan Times