India's polluted air killed 1.24 million in 2017: Lancet study

Dec 06, 2018

According study published in journal, Lancet Planetary health, India’s toxic air claimed 12.5 % of total deaths in 2017. It further went on to report that more than 50% who succumbed due to poor air quality were younger than the age of 70.

The new study said India has a higher proportion of global health loss due to air pollution - at 26.2 percent of the world's total when measured in deaths and disability - than its 18.1 percent share of the world's population.

New Delhi and the neighbouring states of Rajasthan, U.P, Haryana, Punjab and Uttrakhand bore the maximum brunt of air pollution in India. With PM 2.5 being the most notorious of the pollutants, owing to solid fuel burning and industrial pollution combined.

Source : AlJazeera