SaaS based Safe HSE Management Software Web based solution
"What gets measured gets acted upon, “What gets acted upon gets results”


  • EHS Accident, Incident, Near-miss recording & analysis
  • EHS Trainings management
  • Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Observation
  • EHS Observation
  • Management Walkthrough
  • EHS Internal Audits
  • Permit Controller
  • EHS Meeting
  • List of Regulatory (EHS) certifications/licenses
  • Task Management
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12 months subscription

Rs. 8,445.00 

* Rs. 6,445.00/per month

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06 months subscription

Rs. 10,445.00 

* Rs. 8,445.00/per month

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Add-on Services

  • Online training
  • Onsite visit for evaluation, installation, implementation, training
  • Integrations
  • Offsite/Onsite operator for making data-entries
  • Customization
  • SAFE on premise
  • Dedicated trainers to provide training and learning support to users
  • Multi-channel communication touch points: Skype | Webex | Telephone | Emails
  • Training in your Time-zone
  • Interactive session at the end of trainings
Online Training Support
  • Regular upgrades / additions in the software
  • Upgraded features & functionalities that comply with current trends and standards
  • E-alerts for new releases or upgrades
  • Choose to upgrade through secure channels & support
Regular Upgradation
  • Easy access to a wealth of Support Library
  • Online support (multi-channel)
  • Assistance for data entry | migration | configuration
  • Prompt responses to issues or queries
  • Self-Help | FAQs
Online Support for SAFE Software
  • Microsoft Azure servers for hosting SAFE application and database.
  • Robust set of security technologies and practices.
  • Azure infrastructure is resilient to attack, safeguards user access to the Azure environment and helps keep customer data secure through encrypted communications as well as threat management and mitigation practices, including regular penetration testing.

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High level data security
  • Data stored are backed up regularly
  • Provides protection against failures within the data-center.
Data Backup facility

Upcoming Features

Portable Devices accessibility

Mobile accessibility

ASK-EHS is currently in the process of developing software that shall be accessible on a mobile device like Handheld Tablets, Smart phones etc.

Hire Data Entry Operator for SAFE

FTE (Full time equivalent)

Hire your operator at ASK-EHS for making data-entries, migrating data and/or configuring data in your software. This ensures that your time is consumed on more important tasks, while ASK-EHS’ operators record entries in the software. Once records are entered, you will experience the benefits of comparing results, analyse statistical trends, start receiving alerts & notifications and much more…

Import and compar of historical data

Compare results/trends from Day 1

The software is able to calibrate data and bring about important trends. However, the unavailability of records restricts users from availing this benefit.

ASK-EHS will assist EHS teams to import historical data into the software. This will allow viewing of safety trends from DAY 1.

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