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Ahmedabad will have only 3% green cover by 2030 : Study

Ahmedabad will have only 3% green cover by 2030 : Study

AHMEDABAD: The inexorable march of concrete will eat into the green lungs of Ahmedabad and its periphery, leaving very little greenery and clean air for its residents by 2030.

If the projections of a study conducted by researchers at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore are anything to go by, the green cover will comprise only 3% of the total area of Ahmedabad and its periphery. The group of six researchers was led by Dr TV Ramchandra, coordinator of Energy and Wetlands Research Group (EWRG) of IISc.

Their study titled, `Modelling and Visualization of Urban Trajectory in 4 cities of India', gives short and long-term projections for Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

"Urbanization will have an impact on factors such as vegetation, quantity and quality of water resources, and even climate, "said Ramchandra.

In 1990, the built-up area in Ahmedabad and within 10km of its entire periphery was 7.13% of the total area. This grew to 14.58% in 2010 while vegetation, which was 36.7% of the total in 1990, shrunk to 24.34%. The researchers combined earlier data, current satellite imagery, city development plans and data in the public domain using factorbased models, to predict the future.

Kartikeya Sarabhai, director of CEE, said such predictions are not easy to make as many factors account for development of a region. "However, the study will serve as a warning for urban planners. I believe there is need for green lungs in the form of public parks - both big and small - in areas under development, "he said.

Courtesy: Times of India

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