New employee orientation programme (Safety Induction)


  • Personalized display of site to the workers because of,

    Site specific photo

    3D modeling of site layout

    Location of Assembly points, emergency exit, medical center, canteen etc.

    Personalized characters and their appearances like PPE, colour code they follows

  • Easy to grasp and register even for non-literate/local work-force because of AUDIO-VISUAL presentation
  • Cost and time efficient as it can be shown at ANYTIME and ANYPLACE
  • Training refresher becomes very easy
  • Saves valuable time and cost incurred for dedicated trainers
  • Consistent - well researched curriculum, all learners learn the same principal and skills
  • Addressing multi-lingual needs - Induction can be developed in multiple languages to cover audiences of various regions & nationalities
  • Animated program can hold the attention of the audience by portraying melodramatic emotional scenes and connect emotionally

INDUCTION can be divided mainly into 3 categories based on its business purpose: