Recreating Accident / Incident Scenario in 3D Animation

The Hazards of Urbanization are constantly lurking at close corners. It is our responsibility to ensure that facts, relating to an Accident or Incident are shared in a medium which is easy to understand universally. The medium should be such that it conveys the facts, Hazards or Conditions that lead to an accident or a near miss, in a way that can be understood by all personnel within an organization, irrespective of their position or qualification.

One of the tried and tested methods to share information is by using 3 dimensional animation movies, recreating the accident scenario to an exact.

It is a universally accepted fact that a visual impact lasts longer than written warnings or verbal communication. Using Animation to share information also ensures a larger reach in lesser time, so more personnel can be made aware in a short time. We have to remember that the faster the information reaches personnel, the quicker we reduce the potential of a reoccurrence.

Please provide us information to recreate Near-miss scenarios.


  • The exact site location and surrounding where incident occurred can be portrayed
  • Machineries on which incident occurred can be shown along with its operation
  • Can demonstrate processes which are impossible to observe in real and could be the root cause for incident
  • Addressing multi-lingual needs
  • Encourages safety as a culture amongst the workforce
  • Easily & efficiently distributed among multiple locations as it is digital in nature
  • Every incident demands an accurate and thorough investigation. A recreation of an incident using animation helps investigators to identify its root cause(s) thereby, assisting them in taking appropriate CAPAs
  • Acts as a tool to create awareness for future precautionary measures
  • Explain root causes & corrective actions in detail

How we deliver:

ASK-EHS will recreate the incident using client's brief. After understanding the causes, the video is produced with the purpose of highlighting the key areas responsible for the incident

ASK-EHS requires photographs along with brief description of the accident/incident to recreate the occurrence (PPT of 4 to 5 slides from the client suffices)

A production turnaround time of 48 - 72 hours for recreating accident / incident