IOCL Panipat faced tough time during the expansion phase of Naphtha Cracker Plant as the project involved immense work force. IOCL wanted to provide quick access to their work forces and simultaneously track and identify any unauthorized entries. They were looking for an economized solution.

Immense workforce presented a great challenge to IOCL as they had to track entry and exit of all men, machine and equipment for the project. As the turnover of labor was very high it was difficult to issue new badges constantly and the cost associated with it was also very high.

ASK-EHS offered its Employee ID Badging System & Software which at an affordable rate provided quick access to all the work forces and ensured that the systems implemented are efficient enough to track and identify any unauthorized entries without compromising on the processing time for gaining entry.

Employee ID Badging System and Software was a huge success as it proved capable enough of handling huge manpower even during the peak time of the project. At a nominal cost, long lasting ID Badges were issued for smoother operations.

Review of customers
  • ASK-EHS has provided Employee ID Badging Software & Onsite Manpower solutions to IOCL. We state that your Team is providing the best services to our Corporation. We have no complains till date and are satisfied.

    We wish ASK-EHS Good Luck….! Keep it up….!

    Rai Sahab (SERO-Time Office)

  • ASK-EHS’ services have been beneficial and helped to lift the standard of Safety within our organization, by making personnel aware at various establishments in different countries, about the near misses or accidents, using the medium of Animation.

    Phil Kinney (Corporate Safety Head)

  • ASK-EHS developed TATA Projects Safety Induction DVD with 3D animation & audio. This induction film explains various construction activities & the safety measures required to mitigate the risks involved. This film has been the result of careful deliberation and effort put in by both ASK-EHS & TPL’s corporate EHS & construction services teams to illustrate various safety aspects in construction activities in an easily understandable manner.

    P. Jagatheesan (Assistant General Manager (EHS))

  • One of the advantages of awarding the contract to ASK-EHS is that they have expertise in the field and they are easily able to understand our requirements with very minimal consultation. It would be easy for us to roll out the projects within the stipulated time. We have partnered with ASK-EHS for many animation projects, software project and continue to use their services to this day.The net result of our association has been very fruitful and productive. Keep it up ASK-EHS!

    Suresh R. Penmatsa (Associate Vice President - Corporate EHS)