Work-related illnesses and injuries costs 2966 billion dollars globally over all work-years

September 4, 2017

These findings were made public at the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, 2017 by Ms. Christa Sedlatschek, director E.U-OSHA. The Congress which happens every three years took place at Singapore and was jointly organized by the ILO, International Social Security association (an ILO arm) and Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

A data visualization explorer tool with data from all the WHO regions – on the value of occupational health and safety to the society was launched by E.U-OSHA. This tool has been in the making for few years, supported by ILO and WHO.

The Congress and its sessions were broadly based on three themes:

Another unique initiative launched with this event by ILO was SafeYouth@Work which would focus on the inclusion of young workers (18-24) within the OSH domain to realise the above three themes.

Courtesy : Ministry of Information Singapore