How schoolchildren are 'seed-bombing' Bihar

February 21, 2019

With an objective of increasing the fast-depleting green-cover in Bihar, school children are seed-bombing to improve the air quality across the state. Seed-bombing is a technique meant to introduce vegetation by throwing or dropping seed balls on barren land. These seed bombs are thrown mostly in the rainy season to ensure that they geminate properly and absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

So far, the children have dropped along 20,000 seed-bombs across Patna-Buxar, Patna-Gaya and Patna-Deoghar railway tracks. The preferred seeds for making the seed-bombs are Coral tree, Sareca Indica and Myrobalan. This campaign had boosted the state’s initiative to conserve the green-cover. Media reports suggest that the green-cover has increased from 9% to 15% and the government plans to increase to 17%.

Source : Down-to-earth