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Subscription of Refresher Courses

Subscribe to Highly Interactive Refresher Training Programs for your workforce.
  • All Training programs adhere to global standards
  • Training developed as per current industry trend
  • Engaging training programs designed by collaboration of Subject Matter Expert (SME) & Creative Team
  • Assessments conceptualized for high retention & learning
  • Interactive Visuals developed in 2D & 3D Animation
  • Training programs widely accepted across diverse industrial sectors
  • Cost effective solution for training & upskilling your work force
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Build your own premium custom course

As accomplished EHS professionals, we understand your learning objective & we can equally contribute to achieve your training need. Allow our SMEs & technical team to develop highly engaging e-learning programs for your organization


  • Customized content specific to client’s plans, policies and requirements
  • High-end graphical visuals in 2D & 3D (client specific plant areas, backgrounds, machinery etc.)
  • Take advantage of our huge library of 3D animation movies which can be incorporated in your e-learning programs
  • Interactive course designed by professional team (Instructional designer & Graphics designer)
    • Highly interactive (Interim and final) assessments which ensure maximum knowledge gain and maintains high levels of interest in user
    • Courses pass through strategic checks and assessments (set of rules) for ensuring highly productive results.
  • Professional voice-over, background score and graphics
  • Multiple language options (international or regional)
  • SCORM-Compliant course delivery
  • Perpetually license to use courses including your branding & IP rights
  • Host your courses on your existing LMS or on ASK-EHS’ LMS (Know more about Talent LMS)
  • Easily design your own certifications that are valid for predefined periods of time. Support a variety of compliance scenarios that might require a re-certification.

Administrative control with ASK-EHS LMS (Talent LMS):

  • Create as many separate training audiences / environments as required and control everything from a single account.
  • Quick access to reports for monitoring and management of courses taken / completed by work force
  • Generate clear reports about everything that happens inside your eLearning hub and have complete control over your training schedules
  • Stay informed of learners’ progress on key metrics like course completion status etc.
  • Training Infographics, Activity logs, Learner’s Achievements, KPI dashboards etc.
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Build your own premium custom course with shared IP rights

If your organization has the vision of customizing your training courses to suit your specific requirements, then ASK-EHS shall help you fulfill your vision. Bring your vision to ASK-EHS and we shall custom develop your courses for you. If you are willing to share the IPR of these courses with ASK-EHS, then you can avail these courses at cost effective (subscription) rates.

If your programs match ASK-EHS’ vision, then we will use the developed programs as a part of ASK-EHS library. In doing so, we shall offer these programs on subscription rates to your organization.

Primary requirements & terms for this service

  • Users should be in volume (More than 250 users)
  • Minimum subscription contract of 3 years
  • All courses must be within the purview of EHS
  • Your organization shall be sharing the IP rights with ASK-EHS so that it can market / sell the training courses

What do you get?

  • All features that you get by building your own customized training courses (see features of customized premium courses)
  • All premium and highly result oriented courses at economical prices
  • High performance learning
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Build your own audio-visual training courses

This is a newly launched (COST EFFECTIVE) option to replace training course delivery, considering the COVID-19 challenge.

Transform you technical PPT / documents, procedures, policies, trainings, internal training programs into visually engaging audio-visual presentations. These presentations contain background score (music) , professional narration (voice-over) in any regional or international language and animation for effect.

  • Quick transformation of PPT into compelling audio-visual
  • Highly engaging training programs;
    • Curated and developed by experienced team of technocrats
    • 2D animation elements
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy conversion into SCORM compliant packages
  • Mobile device compatible
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Process Safety Management

Site EHS Supervisors

Work Equipment hazards and Control


Yes. You can recommend the course that you feel is most relevant to your industry. Fill out this form for our analysis.

Yes. However, these courses shall first be required to be evaluated by ASK-EHS to understand its business potential. Once they have been cleared for development and distribution, then ASK-EHS shall be offering the course on subscription rates.

No. There is no limit to the number of courses that can be customized.

PPTs of any type (Training, SOP, GMP, Induction etc.) can be converted into Audio-Visual Presentations. This service is not restricted to just EHS

Please contact our representative for getting a pricing for this service based on the PPT. You can also fill out a query form and our representative will call you

Yes. The more the number of courses & / or users the better the discounts. For e.g. if you are procuring courses for 100 users price would be X but if users are 1000 then pricing will be (X less 20%)

Yes. Get notified on successful completion or non-completion of course assigned. Get reports of number of people who have passed the courses and many other such insightful and productive reports.

You can select the course, mention the number of users and then send this information via an inquiry to us. We shall suggest the best suitable price plan for you. Use this form to send your inquiry

Yes. Here is a list of upcoming courses for your information and understanding;

Process Safety Management

Site EHS Supervisors

Work Equipment hazards and Control

Yes. You can customize refresher courses according to your requirements. However, you may have to pledge a certain number of users (200+ users) annually so as to avail of subscription rates.

Yes. Please send in your inquiry and our representative shall contact you.

Yes. You can use your logo provided you pledge a certain number of users annually. Please contact our representative for further information.

Fill out this form. Our representative will get in touch with you for recommending the best fit for your organization.

Your organization receives superior quality learning which is trusted across the globe and used by global organizations to make their workplace safer, compliant and the OHS courses simpler to understand and demonstrate – enhancing the human capital.

ASK-EHS E-Learning has been created keeping in mind (3) critical factors that organization cannot overlook:

  • Industrial skill development aimed at improving productivity.
  • Delivering learning outcomes which bridge knowledge gaps and fulfil training needs to meet compliance and go beyond.
  • Outstanding 3D/2D animation rich media for superior quality and better recall.

To help you in choosing the right plan for your organization, get in touch with one of our learning consultants and they can help you make the best decision which fits your organization and sector, perfectly.


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