industrial communication
24/05/2018 ASK-EHS

Animation as a standard for industrial communication

Industrial communication has been seen as a sort of privileged platform that was not open to discussions. Digitization has helped in getting rid of some of its rigidity as systems and mechanization became more approachable.

EHS audit management
21/05/2018 ASK-EHS

Reinventing EHS audit management

Audit and audit management programs promise to become the necessary risk barrier by becoming an active element in the constant battle for compliance. The modern-day industrial scenario confuses the availability of instantaneous recordkeeping.

19/05/2018 ASK-EHS

EHS champions carving integrated digital ecosystems

Software platforms supporting EHS requirements should be considered as a basic need of industrial operations at this point. Corporate leaders, business demands and industrial expansions have embraced the digitization based pivot.

Young workers
16/05/2018 ASK-EHS

The case for training Young workers

Training young workers about the value of understanding OHS and EHS principles can go a long way. First, it paves the path for safer job execution through information. Second, training can allow the young workers to assume ownership roles where ever they start to appear.

economy for cities
14/05/2018 ASK-EHS

Circular economy for our cities

The commonly toted concept of Smart cities should be equated with Circular Economy. Urban renewal in most of our cities has so far focused on waste management, mobility and connectivity.The problem with this approach lies in its non-uniform reach as ‘systems’ that are used by the public.