16/07/2018 ASK-EHS

Practical safety and health for monsoons

The seasonal reversing of winds accompanied with precipitation is the easy definition of monsoons. Rain-laden clouds carried by winds splitting over the largest peninsula in the world are eagerly awaited as they replenish water resources and prepare farmland for crops.

Psychosocial hazards
09/07/2018 ASK-EHS

Psychosocial hazards at workplace

Risk assessment becomes the first line of defence as followed for any other OHS hazard. This would include using organizational data on absenteeism, turnover and lost work-time injuries, followed by assessment of worker complaints, observation of workplace in its entirety.

Future-proofing organizations
06/07/2018 ASK-EHS

Future-proofing organizations

Future-proofing has the potential to deliver within the context of a thriving opportunity. For the purposes of this narrative, let us designate future-proofing to large and medium multi-tier organizations, for now. Let us see this with some experience in indigenous digital transition.

safety mobile app
03/07/2018 ASK-EHS

Essential safety tools – Mobile Apps

Mobile apps is one such affirmative technology to adorn our smartphones. The byte sized version of information processing and delivery churned by millions of smartphones is breathtaking.Using these apps in EHS domain has brought a new synergy between the personnel, operations and management.

inclusion, ownership and diversity
30/06/2018 ASK-EHS

Social inclusion, ownership and diversity

Growing organizations, not limited to start-ups, are embracing the potential of cross-over talent acquisition and deployment. Majority of service industry roles and responsibilities nowadays rely on such teams that can be crucial to nurturing the employees of future.