temple waste
23/03/2019 ASK-EHS

Recycling temple waste: Preserving the faith

Every year, 80, 00,000 tons of temple waste are dumped into the rivers- killing fishes and other living beings, creating chaos in the fragile atmosphere and thus causing enormous water pollution. With these, pesticides and fertilizers also stream in the river,

job market
20/03/2019 ASK-EHS

Skills and sustainable job market

India, uniquely sits at the cross roads of unraveling tremendous economic potential as demonstrated by the GDP figures, each year. And yet, despite its promising economic growth rate, the percentage of worker involved within the informal economy has stayed relatively stable at 92%.

Workplace health and safety
19/03/2019 ASK-EHS

Workplace health, safety and welfare

When we think of living in a civilized world, leading a meaningful worthwhile and responsible life, we are to be impelled by our conscience to have the basic right of leading a safe, healthy and buoyant life, full of cheers, love, compassion, fellow-feeling, responsible citizenship and progress.

National safety week
16/03/2019 ASK-EHS

Safety Week 2019 and ASK-EHS Foundation day

ASK-EHS celebrated its 12th Foundation day on the 4th of March 2019 – coinciding with the National Safety Week. The journey of providing ‘safety’ business values that can be readily imbibed by organizations, still continues.

labour management system
15/03/2019 ASK-EHS

Digital labour management system

Modern context of capitalism is based on two narratives – western economy is rapidly moving towards consolidation while the tremendous emerging economies of the east are diversifying. Most of the economic trends of progress, deficit and taxation to institutional policymaking in banking.