EHS competency mapping
26/06/2019 ASK-EHS

EHS competency mapping for industries

In health and safety, a well-done competency map links employees to job duties, job duties to hazards and hazards to training to eliminate or mitigate those hazards. EHS roles and responsibilities, stitched within, strengthen the ability of an organization to address EHS risks and maintain quality and quantity of EHS resources.

Automotive Industry
25/06/2019 ASK-EHS

Occupational Health and Safety – Automotive Industry

In an automotive industry, the factory floors are busy and bustling places of manufacturing robots and equipment. They contain moving machineries and thousands of workers, and both work in collaboration. It’s a challenge to maintain this complex supply chain and so, health and safety of employees tops the agenda.

EHS software
24/06/2019 ASK-EHS

Business compatibility of safety software

Traditionally, the great unifier in for all of these concerns was efficient reporting and insight management undertaken from EHS data reported and aggregated. But in a world where manufacturing, production and services have become independent of time and geography – software automation has succeeded and even superseded them in some cases.

inspections for emergency exits
22/06/2019 ASK-EHS

Why inspections for emergency exits are critical?

Inspection of emergency exits helps to identify common escape-route problems, observes how it looks on a day-to-day basis and provides insights to overcome obstructions in the evacuation route. These issues can then be escalated to the concerned authorities and the management can resort to preventive measures, accordingly.

Custom built e-learning
18/06/2019 ASK-EHS

Why custom-built E-Learning benefits a workplace more

E-Learning is like a stepladder which can allow employees and workforce to avail tremendous learning opportunities. A simple cloud-based SCORM compliant-designed learning package available via content distribution networks across the globe makes learning simple and part of everyday routine.