OSH excellence
20/09/2018 ASK-EHS

OSH resilience via training and health surveillance

In developing countries the workers most exposed to occupational risks are those employed in agriculture, chemical and manufacturing. Quite apart from this poor equipment, heavy workload and even poisoning due to pesticide’s and organic dusts take their heavy toll on workers, health and safety.

17/09/2018 ASK-EHS

5 Top tips for a positive safety culture

We often forget, that safe working does not come about through additional procedures, processes or systems. The real difference is made when these systems engage people. Here are my Top 5 Tips for developing a ‘Positive Safety Culture’ at work. Our systems are only as effective as the people who implement them.

15/09/2018 ASK-EHS

Safety demands better tools

Digital EHS solutions offer support for incident management as the first line of defence. Further, digitized hazard reporting app and behaviour based safety(BBS) app stand to nudge the workforce towards ‘safe’ behaviour and practices. Digital EHS solutions for sustainability offer a rainbow of parameter monitoring options.

13/09/2018 ASK-EHS

OHS Audits simplified

The best health and safety audit systems are capable of identifying deviations from agreed standards, analyzing events leading to these deviations and highlighting good practice. They look especially at the ‘software elements of health and safety, such as systems of work, management practices, instruction, training and supervision.

Building safety culture
11/09/2018 ASK-EHS

Challenges against positive health and safety culture

The health and safety culture of an organization is the system of shared values and beliefs about the importance of health and safety in that workplace. The culture is how workers at all levels within the organization think and feel about health and safety, and about how this translates into their behaviors.