Automation & tracking of CAPA – Just a click away

Imagine a day in an EHS professional’s life! 

There are many tasks to be taken care of and managed. Task management and associated activities for Environment Health and Safety department in any plant (construction, industrial manufacturing etc.) are numerous and sometimes hectic to be managed. These activities are so important that even the leadership team is on toes to know the status of all the actions carried out, what are the corrective and preventive actions implemented etc.? Apart from these, there are many other action items that comes along and are being assigned to different Safety Engineers, Supervisors, EHS Coordinators and EHS Managers etc.

How do we manage these activities?

I am sure, most of us would be spending a huge time for this. It involves lot of manual and man handling from calling people, explaining them verbally, spending lot of time walking and running around different desks & offices for reporting, informing seniors and other team members about the status of the task assigned.

Take an example of audit information, we very well know the importance of EHS audits. For all the audits conducted we need to work on a lot of CAPA’s. We require to discuss them, plan to implement and improve the safety aspects in the organization. But is it possible for us to really track all the action items taken for implementation, effectiveness or do we really take follow up of all?

But do we really track the implementation, effectiveness or for that matter take regular follow ups of the same? I guess not, because a lot of manual effort goes into these activities. And more or less, a lot of things are being done and accepted on the moral grounds.


What can be the solution to above mentioned problems, an automated web based EHS Management Software Solution, SAFE by ASK-EHS which can assist you with:-

  • Create Action Items
  • View/Update Action Items
  • Action Item notifications (on screen)
  • Import Action Items from Excel
  • Export Action Items to Excel
  • Prepare and Print Reports
  • External Data File Linking
  • Advance Search
  • Task Source

All these features can – 

  • Eliminate desk to desk approval
  • Get real time updates
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Email/SMS alerts & notifications
  • Get status of all the allocated tasks within no time
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • User-friendly Interface
  • External data file linking

So, why are you waiting for? Place your inquiry today.

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