Demolition works

Safety in Demolition works

Dismantling, breaking, or destroying of any fixed building or any structure or any of its parts comes under demolition. Naturally every building structure must be of limited validity. Building validity depends upon the ground properties, material properties, structural design, erection quality, and others etc.

work at height training

Pre-job briefing – Communication Towers

In order to erect or maintain communication towers, employees regularly climb the towers, using fixed ladders, support structures or step bolts, varies from 30 to 100 meters height. They climb the towers throughout the year even in the time of adverse weather conditions.

Work at Height

Work at Height rules – what has changed

Post 2005 after the work at height rules had been proposed and implemented in the U.K construction industry (2 metre) – a pragmatic turnaround was further proposed and brought into action via independent evaluation. Prior to 2005, before the rule was in place, the Work at Height study included a number of key industries.