Engaging Safety with data culture

Data comes to our rescue in many such instances and although we like to think of data as a great enabler, the final results can be a lot different. Data culture is a part of the equation that can go unnoticed and unrecognized in safety. Precision systems with accurate data analytics honed by trained EHS data scientists and experts.


Training trends for future

Smartphones are fast becoming the delivery agents for almost everything that is consumed by us. Even formal pedagogy based on school lessons and curriculum now have interactive apps. Animation can leverage these fast processing high definition devices too. The best part of technologies is the flexibility, adaptability of content for many platforms.


Making a safer future

Safety and health in many societies is integrated among the systems used by the public, every day. However, cultural threads related to safety and health are largely ignored and neglected in many cases. For the lack of a better reason and sense, we admonish lack of resources, time and sometimes even start questioning key practices.

safety leadership

Raising the game in Safety & Health

These incisive and consistent efforts of ASK-EHS leader, Mr. JK Anand (Founder & Director) were recognized via Safety Leadership award at EXCEED Awards, 2018 in the Silver category.This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of an individual who over the past years have made significant contribution.

footprint for EHS

Change of Guard

On the industrial scale, hacking is a heinous crime that can endanger lives and mechanized assets. The likes of which were seen in far regions of Ukraine where whole cities went without power due to hacked power generation stations which were shutdown remotely.This is the extraneous challenges– solved by proactive network security

Skills for tomorrow

Skill based consolidation carved into the formal economy will shape up the future of India’s development. This can also be seen in the light of how the Indian government is codifying labour laws and acts under one roof – the draft is currently available on labour ministry website till 31st July for the public.