Preventive Health Management through Yoga

Yoga is one such tool which has now been deemed as an invaluable gift from India to the world. Yoga is a union of physical, mental and spiritual practices that believes in maintaining and restoring order to the human body and mind through its training and discipline.

analytics and proactive safety

Predictive analytics and proactive safety

Safety health and environment, within the shell of industries and trade, lies in the throes of operations, maintenance and the labour of managing workplace expectations. While Vision Zero talks to us from the position of authority to manage and mitigate risks for preventing incidents. Yet, India according to latest figures, retains its position among the countries.

Top 5 trends for Safety and health 2019

Top 5 trends for Safety and health 2019

Here’s ASK-EHS guide to the 5 trends that’ll make your workplace safer and proactive. From 2019, analytics will take a parallel development mode and progress using legacy data, plus, predictive analytics, but the core pillars of digital transformation in the case of EHS, will be effective design elements that allow the workforce to actually use such systems.

Harmful elements in hand-wash

Harmful elements in hand-wash

The hygiene benefits of washing hands with soap and water are well known. In the context of India, hand washing using soap and water remains a crucial step in ensuring hygiene and preventing the spread of communicable diseases Soap cleans your hands by lifting up dirt on the hands while water and friction due to rubbing of palms gets rid of it.

Outsourcing to Safety partners

Outsourcing to reliable Safety partners?

The regulations can change but good service models allow for such changes to be attuned within the EHS or OHS regimen – via tools such as change management and employing better learning aids like animation and e-Learning. Safety cannot be limited by stringent criteria that can stand to harm the integrity of operations.