Tips for Safe Handling of Pressure Cylinders at Worksite

Pressure cylinders are cylinders having contents of various chemical composition under pressure in liquid or gaseous state. Pressure cylinders possesses huge potential energy, which can lead to disasters on enormous scale for both the lives and properties, if not managed with appropriate safety measures during transportation, unloading, storage, handling and use.

What is Fire & Fire Safety?

Fire represents an incidence wherein heat, an important type of energy, appears in physical form with heat content and temperature level. Scientifically, and in the history of development of human civilization, fire represents a milestone, having learned about which, mankind has made tremendous progress.

Strengthening Road Safety Measures – The Need of the Hour

WHO has done a very commendable work in studying, compiling and publishing “Third Global Status Report on Road Safety – 2015” according to which 1.2 million lives are lost each year due to road traffic injuries. This write up emphasizes the dire need of strengthening road safety measures.

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