Performance ehs trainings

Champions of performance trainings

Trainers can reinvigorate interest of diverse workforce via an engagement based training program. The threshold of delivery can be made more suited as per the audience response and interest. While performance trainers for EHS need to be accustomed to site challenges, another key to getting purchase with the workmen is not to teach them ‘how to do their jobs’.

EHS Training

Modern EHS Trainings

EHS training is very important part of EHS culture and it is often a legal requirement for an employer to provide it to all employees on recruitment, at induction, specific job deployment. Workplace safety training will impart employees with all the skills and knowledge they require to protect themselves and others against accidental deaths and injuries.

Behavioral safety

Profitability with Behavioral Safety

Traditionally, at most of the places where behavior based safety(BBS) has been applied, it has focused on employees engaged in, and close to the operation environment. At several companies, worker’s union have strongly opposed BBS on ground that it wrongly identifies only worker’s behavior responsible for accidents and ill-health.


Selecting trainings for growth

In modern days India’s rising young workforce has one clear objective in their mind – growth. In each pursuit, through their career or in personal lives, growth translates as progress. And therefore, organizations today need trainings which have embedded growth potential apart from the obvious learning goals.


Making a safer future

Safety and health in many societies is integrated among the systems used by the public, every day. However, cultural threads related to safety and health are largely ignored and neglected in many cases. For the lack of a better reason and sense, we admonish lack of resources, time and sometimes even start questioning key practices.