Having a lifting plan means safe lifting

Having a lifting plan means safe lifting

Trainings aim to provide practical guidance to all the relevant personnel, be it proper lifting techniques, understanding hazards and implementing control measures – and planning is a vital part. Their knowledge gives them an upper hand against others and they are the ones who ensure safe supervision…

Safety trainings

Safety trainings for contractors

Safety trainings must involve the importance of safe practices such as Lock-out Tag out, Permit-to-work, incident management, near-miss management, reporting practices etc. Every company aims for zero-casualty and to achieve this, it must ensure that each person at the facility works under safe conditions.

strategies for EHS

Winning strategies for EHS

EHS responsibility doesn’t rest with a select group of employees or a section of decision makers. Its stakeholders aren’t limited by their duties only within the premises of workplace, but the duty bound behaviour touches millions of lives, locations and livelihoods. So how does one answer the questions related to being relevant and productive?

Enable skill and unleash diversity

In India, a survey conducted by the National Sample Survey organization NSSO) revealed that the lack of skilled manpower was very strongly linked to the fact that only 2 percent of India’s youth and only about 7 percent of the whole working-age population had received vocational training.

strategies for training

4 strategies to create training impact

Creating success arcs for each other has often been a hallmark of some of the most prosperous nations – supply feeds demand and the ripples across the ponds allow communication to drive sales. To repurpose older objectives with fresh aims and fashion conventional business practices with cutting edge insights.