5 Top tips for a positive safety culture

We often forget, that safe working does not come about through additional procedures, processes or systems. The real difference is made when these systems engage people. Here are my Top 5 Tips for developing a ‘Positive Safety Culture’ at work. Our systems are only as effective as the people who implement them.

air quality index

Air quality and Health

However, we have to realise that each country or region may define their ambient air parameters differently. Same is the case with measurement intervals which help in generating the coloured scale range shown. Therefore, the scale values and range may correspond to different levels of common pollutants in other countries.

Process safety management

Overview of process safety management

Process safety starts with design-friendly plants which can withstand human error and equipment failure without serious effects on safety, environment and efficiency. Process design analysis is very much helpful to assess the risks in the project. Process safety identifies risk and control measures to reduce or eliminate the risks to avoid the unwanted events.

Urban development

Urban development and safety

Safety practices are largely ignored in a day and age where we wish to secure material possessions as soon as possible. But take a moment to also admire the countless workmen and women out there who are exposed to such dangers on-site. Simple safety practices can reap more benefits than expenditure even in shorter runs.

safety leadership

Raising the game in Safety & Health

These incisive and consistent efforts of ASK-EHS leader, Mr. JK Anand (Founder & Director) were recognized via Safety Leadership award at EXCEED Awards, 2018 in the Silver category.This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of an individual who over the past years have made significant contribution.


Practical safety and health for monsoons

The seasonal reversing of winds accompanied with precipitation is the easy definition of monsoons. Rain-laden clouds carried by winds splitting over the largest peninsula in the world are eagerly awaited as they replenish water resources and prepare farmland for crops.