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Individual EHS Accountability – A Professional’s Expression

A Famous English quote says; “Remember Safety is Gainful, Accident is Painful.

But, does this really make sense for all of us? Are we accountable towards Safety?

I was skeptical from the word go, as a recent pass out safety professional with a safety diploma in Industrial health and Safety, wondering how will I achieve the results for which I have been trained and taught for over 3 years. I was skeptical because I was not told that people, whom I am going to work with, will be the biggest resistance to what I wanted and achieved and was paid for, a safe environment for work.

Competencies an Employer looks for while Hiring any Professional in EHS field

An employer is always in search of competent, capable, committed manpower for its organization. It becomes more challenging to get all the desired qualities in the candidates hired. With respect to different designations, many EHS positions are found in an organization. Each level of position requires different criteria, capabilities & qualifications to fulfill the job demands.

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