occupational health

Staging up for employee wellness programs

Employees are the substance to their vision and ensure that their travel remains smooth all along. The health of the employees have a direct effect on the company’s profits. When industries develop understandings in this sense, they benefit in the process of ‘engagement with the workforce’.

Automotive Industry

Occupational Health and Safety – Automotive Industry

In an automotive industry, the factory floors are busy and bustling places of manufacturing robots and equipment. They contain moving machineries and thousands of workers, and both work in collaboration. It’s a challenge to maintain this complex supply chain and so, health and safety of employees tops the agenda.

Occupational role in infection

Occupational role in shaping infections

Occupational centres, occupation and trade remains central to this theme of how modern emerging infections are being shaped. As you read these lines, a business executive sick with influenza can travel via airports, local transit systems and cab rides creating an infectious trail for weakened immune systems to fight.

Workplace health and safety

Workplace health, safety and welfare

When we think of living in a civilized world, leading a meaningful worthwhile and responsible life, we are to be impelled by our conscience to have the basic right of leading a safe, healthy and buoyant life, full of cheers, love, compassion, fellow-feeling, responsible citizenship and progress.