Rainwater harvesting for industries

Rainwater harvesting for industries

Growth in population, industrialization and urbanization severely impacts the water resources. Many processes in industries make more use of water than their counterparts; eg. power generation, textiles and garments, beverages, car-wash businesses, construction, refueling areas etc.

Woman Empowerment for Green Economy

The age of automation, AI technologies and other avenues are offering new job opportunities. The term ‘disruption’ has evolved in every field; and to weather such disruptions, it is implicit that men and women would need targeted support to be skilled, mobile and tech-savvy.

Future of EHS

Future role of data in EHS

Health and safety which was largely limited to be an organizational pursuit has shifted its focus to people-centric technologies now. Whether it is incident management or maintenance of vendor-contractor-supplier data. The future role of data within environmental, occupational, health and safety will be defined under three distinct heads

packages for the environment

Recycling packages for the environment

The notion of ‘recycling’ has taken rebirth several times. Several approaches in traditional supermarkets and personal care retailers perceived interests but very rare could surpass a tiny niche. The cause lies in the behavior of the consumers; as much as they may seek to avoid waste practices, they hardly prefer inconveniences.

Preserving our ecosystem

Preserving our ecosystem with technology

The environmental perturbations can be mitigated by collectively focusing on technologies that encourage the evolution of environment-friendly processes. This can then, with the help of technology, establish a healthy, safe and sound relationship between humans and the ecosystem.