packages for the environment

Recycling packages for the environment

The notion of ‘recycling’ has taken rebirth several times. Several approaches in traditional supermarkets and personal care retailers perceived interests but very rare could surpass a tiny niche. The cause lies in the behavior of the consumers; as much as they may seek to avoid waste practices, they hardly prefer inconveniences.

Preserving our ecosystem

Preserving our ecosystem with technology

The environmental perturbations can be mitigated by collectively focusing on technologies that encourage the evolution of environment-friendly processes. This can then, with the help of technology, establish a healthy, safe and sound relationship between humans and the ecosystem.

GM technologies in India

Future of GM technologies in India

“Genetic modification” or “genetically modified” in short for GM involves altering the genes of an organism, be it a plant, animal or microorganism. This is achieved by altering an existing section of DNA, or inserting a gene from another organism. Genes carry the instructions for how we appear and what characteristics we have which are inherited by an organism.

Environmental impact

Environmental impact of urban decay

Urban decay is defined as occupied sites related to commercial or industrial activity. Due to the nature of activities – manufacturing, production, storage and similar commercial interests, they have a higher chance of polluting its vicinity and site itself. For example, large scale commercial garages store and discharge hazardous fluids.

Oxygen Parks

Oxygen Parks – Green lungs for cities

India follows one of the most stringent criteria to define urbanization. But as most of us would agree, it has been part of an upward trend. Formal city limits have started extending or the construction activities which determine where people can live have started spreading. Population growth has meant that the resources allocated are stretched.