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A Mantra to Effective & Successful Training Program

We all remember the iconic image of 11 workers sitting on a beam, 69 floors high of an under construction Empire State Building in 1931. We remember that image for many different reasons, mostly positive but from a safety perspective, we remember it for one thing and one thing only i.e. how unsafe the work practices used to be. Not just that, but safety wizards have been using that image as what ‘NOT TO DO’ at work in their safety seminars and trainings.

Force – Pushing it in a Pulled up World

In the world of safety, we all come across controversial questions like “Is Pulling the load easier than Pushing”? Or “Is pushing safer than pulling”?

At the workplace, I have always followed the mantra that heavy load should always be pushed to be moved. Now it is imperative that some readers will disagree to that conclusion and may refer to that calculation of force (as shown below) against relative motion at an angle where pulling the load is easier due to reduction of frictional force.

Versatile Protection by ELCB- e.g. 4-pole type, Even when fed with 3 Single-Phase Independent Power Supply Sources

1. A 4-pole ELCB, providing passage to balanced 3 phase & 1 neutral through it’s torroid forming the primary winding of the sensitive current transformer, serves very effectively to guard against leaking current of the order of 5 mA – 30 mA -50 mA and beyond , with prompt clearance of the leaking circuit in a matter of 30-50-100….m.seconds.The consumer side is distributed 3-phase loads plus some single-phase loads. Problem arises when the main 3-phase, 4 wire balanced supply line is switched off by the supply agency and alternative stand-by 3-phase balanced supply is not available.

The gap may be asked to fulfill with 3 Nos separate sources of 1-phase diesel generators, the voltage of which shall be unequal, unbalanced in phase, rather placed at random phase displacement, may be filled with harmonics and even some d.c. components, connected in star with common neutral (earthed) as shown in below vector diagram.

Optimizing Electrical Energy Management Nationally and Inter-Nationally

1. Out of all the forms of energy available to mankind, electrical energy is the most preferred one, because of its neat and clean form, easy tapping for any utilization, smooth regulation, reliable control, correct measurement and profitable automation…etc. This aspect prompts engineers, scientists and even common users to convert several forms of energy into Electrical type and then utilize it in civilian life and various industries, including Agriculture sector.

2. Looking at the adverse side of electricity, besides being highly hazardous to human life, body and property, it has no scope for storage, except in batteries to a very limited extent, forcing the users to utilize it immediately on its generation.

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