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Lockout/Tagout – A reliable safety measure

While undertaking any task, safety should be given the prime importance.

Talking particularly about EHS, a Permit to Work System works as a safeguard ensuring formal authorization and validation while carrying out any hazardous work. PTW certifies that all the components for a safe work system are recognized before a high risk work commences, thus minimizing and controlling the risk to individuals and the installation.

Staying Safe in Construction

Crane operations are innate to many occupations in the construction sector. These operations can be performed both manually or using lifting equipment. Both mechanical and manual lifting operations can cause horrifying injuries to individuals and property, if safe, correct, systematic practices are not followed.

Safe Use of Pressure Cylinders at Workplace

Pressure cylinders are cylinders having contents of various chemical composition under pressure in liquid or gaseous state. It is very important to provide due care and follow appropriate safety measures during storage, transportation, unloading, handling and use of pressure cylinders as they possess huge potential energy, which can lead to disasters on enormous scale, for both the lives and properties, if not managed properly.

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