Workplace safety

Workplace safety and workforce participation

Safety professionals aren’t shirking from their responsibilities. Instead, they are being receptive to employee input on hazards, corrective and preventive actions and health and safety programs. As much as they are proactive in protecting their workforce and share its accountability, they are equally cheering participation in safety initiatives.

EHS competency mapping

EHS competency mapping for industries

In health and safety, a well-done competency map links employees to job duties, job duties to hazards and hazards to training to eliminate or mitigate those hazards. EHS roles and responsibilities, stitched within, strengthen the ability of an organization to address EHS risks and maintain quality and quantity of EHS resources.

World day for cultural diversity

Diversity, inclusion and industrial society

Our cultural beliefs and collective beliefs as a nation and society affect the ‘how and why’ of industrial development. To account development and progress in terms of providing more and more people from a diverse socio-cultural (and talent) background means that the talent pool gets enhanced.

Nurturing human capital

Nurturing human capital for an economy

Human capital is one of the key drivers for sustained economic growth. Investing in human capital is often perceived as high-cost with indeterminate returns. A major human capital investment is under-appreciated as it is difficult to quantify Return of Investment in these cases.