Outsourcing to Safety partners

Outsourcing to reliable Safety partners?

The regulations can change but good service models allow for such changes to be attuned within the EHS or OHS regimen – via tools such as change management and employing better learning aids like animation and e-Learning. Safety cannot be limited by stringent criteria that can stand to harm the integrity of operations.

Contractor selection

Selection Criteria for Contractors

The process for selection of contractors examines contractor’s demonstrated ability to work safely, how effectively the contractor’s safety program is being implemented and how safety competency assessment is being carried out to comply. Selection of contractors calls for thorough and effective review of contract safety specifications.

Occupational health

Overview on Occupational Health in India

Over 80% of India’s working population is part of the unorganised sector of which Agriculture is the main occupation in India giving employment to about 52% of the people. Less than 10% of Indian population are working in organised sector. Occupational health in India has still to compete with Primary & Curative health care services.


Accident Investigation Techniques – Quick brief

The immediate action on occurrence of any accident is to save the affected persons and arrange for their rescue, first-aid and requisite medical care. Simultaneously or with no delay, the abnormal situations are to be normalized and made safe, with least or no change in the scene of the occurrence which shall facilitate incident investigation.